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From 03/21/2012 to 04/19/2012


07:08 pm Synnefo Bug #2321 (Closed): Unretrievable object
Applied in changeset commit:"45cf0bc8ac74de013ef07c7a22b6724328e5f5cb". Antony Chazapis
07:07 pm Pithos Revision eb4020c6: Merge branch 'master' of
Antony Chazapis
07:07 pm Pithos Revision 74653682: Remove docs (have been moved to synnefo).
Antony Chazapis
07:02 pm Pithos Revision 45cf0bc8: Calculate the length of the last block properly.
Fixes #2321 Antony Chazapis


09:38 am Synnefo Feature #2310 (Feedback): Use password for user authentication
Antony Chazapis
09:38 am Synnefo Bug #1906 (Feedback): Cannot create index for path with MySQL
Antony Chazapis
09:38 am Synnefo Bug #1537 (Feedback): URL encoded question-marks handled erroneously
Antony Chazapis
09:38 am Synnefo Bug #1732 (Feedback): Filename encoding in Content-Disposition headers
Antony Chazapis
09:38 am Synnefo Feature #1887 (Feedback): Provide an interface to query blocks/hashmaps
Antony Chazapis
09:38 am Synnefo Bug #1069 (Feedback): No Content-Length in empty HEAD responses
Antony Chazapis
09:35 am Synnefo Feature #2310: Use password for user authentication
The main issue with this is how to handle Shibboleth users that do not have a password. One solution would be to let ... Antony Chazapis
09:31 am Synnefo Feature #1688 (Closed): Integrate with aquarium project
The message format has been decided, the communication process has been discussed. Messages are generated and sent ov... Antony Chazapis


10:57 am Synnefo Bug #2312 (Closed): Permissions do not overwrite previous
Applied in changeset commit:"345dcf392e377c794c707c07f793028415f3cd4d". Antony Chazapis
10:56 am Pithos Revision 345dcf39: Overwrite permissions every time.
Fixes #2312 Antony Chazapis


07:08 pm Synnefo Bug #2300 (Closed): Problems with Cyberduck
Applied in changeset commit:"dcffd53ee1df91b24f3d3a743d8577cd62669a0f". Antony Chazapis
07:06 pm Pithos Revision dcffd53e: Solve OOS API compatibility problems.
Fixes #2300 Antony Chazapis
06:24 pm Synnefo Bug #2312 (Closed): Permissions do not overwrite previous
If you send write and then read permissions, the previous values are not overridden. As a result, the same user may a... Antony Chazapis
01:59 pm Synnefo Feature #2310 (Feedback): Use password for user authentication
Communicate with Astakos to let the user give a password when authenticating at the top level (https://hostname/v1/). Antony Chazapis
11:32 am Pithos Revision 73673127: Include instance in queue messages.
Antony Chazapis


09:05 pm Synnefo Bug #2300 (Closed): Problems with Cyberduck
There are some issues with Cyberduck:
* Can not view objects in folders.
* Can not upload objects.
Antony Chazapis


10:10 am Synnefo Feature #2295 (Closed): Send sharing notifications
Send email notifications to all users given access to an object. Antony Chazapis


06:45 pm Pithos Revision 8d9a3fbd: Different queue message types use different keys.
Antony Chazapis
10:56 am Synnefo Feature #1792 (Closed): Spawn asynchronous tasks on object update
Antony Chazapis
10:52 am Synnefo Feature #1622: Interface with a full-text search engine
This can be done asynchronously, as described in #1792. Antony Chazapis
10:48 am Pithos Revision b3155065: Add dispatcher function for updating object checksums asynchronously.
Refs #1792 Antony Chazapis
01:46 am Pithos Revision 8efd183f: Make checksum updates optional.
Refs #1792 Antony Chazapis
01:21 am Synnefo Feature #1826 (Closed): Asynchronous ETag update
Merge with #1792. Antony Chazapis
01:17 am Pithos Revision 39ef6f41: Report object changes to the queue.
Refs #1792 Antony Chazapis


07:53 pm Pithos Revision 93127325: Replace uniq with userid.
Antony Chazapis
04:29 pm Synnefo Bug #2030 (Closed): Test non-automatic versioning policy for containers
Antony Chazapis
04:26 pm Pithos Revision f9ea264b: Fixes for non-automatic container versioning policy.
Refs #2030 Antony Chazapis
01:36 pm Synnefo Feature #2170 (Closed): Is splashscreen required
This is no longer bundled with Pithos+. All HTML presentation is now part of the cms. Antony Chazapis
01:26 pm Pithos Revision 5b20c402: Open files in backend as read-only if such is the filesystem.
Antony Chazapis


03:40 pm Synnefo Bug #2240 (Closed): Folders may include encoding in content type
Applied in changeset commit:"692485cc21d2dc436ab80a3f7db68c405b4b829b". Antony Chazapis
03:25 pm Pithos Revision 692485cc: Check Content-Type up to semicolon.
Fixes #2240 Antony Chazapis
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