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last changeMon, 10 Dec 2012 16:22:19 +0000 (18:22 +0200)
2012-12-10 Sofia PapagiannakiFix conf master
2012-10-30 Sofia PapagiannakiRewrite ExtendedSetPasswordForm & ExtendedPasswordChang...
2012-10-16 Sofia PapagiannakiChange setting name
2012-10-16 Sofia PapagiannakiOptionally enforce token renewal via settings. Set...
2012-10-12 Sofia PapagiannakiRemove obsolete import astakos/v0.7.6
2012-10-12 Sofia PapagiannakiExplicitly allow only POST and GET requests
2012-10-12 Sofia PapagiannakiHandle AttributeError in case of other than GET or...
2012-10-09 Vangelis KoukisRename user-update mgmt command to user-modify
2012-09-26 Vangelis KoukisRename Astakos management commands for uniformity vkoukis-dev
2012-09-10 Sofia PapagiannakiInject user email in notification mail subjects
2012-09-07 Kostas PapadimitriouInject user email in notification mail subjects astakos/v0.7.5
2012-09-07 Kostas PapadimitriouConfigurable subjects for all emails send by astakos astakos/v0.7.4
2012-08-06 Kostas PapadimitriouUpdate google webfonts to use https protocol
2012-08-06 Kostas PapadimitriouUpdate Changelog
2012-08-03 Sofia Papagiannakifix AnonymousUser logout
2012-08-02 Sofia PapagiannakiMerge branch 'master' of astakos/v0.7.2
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9 years ago astakos/v0.7.5 tag v0.7.5
9 years ago astakos/debian/v0.7.4 tag debian/v0.7.4
9 years ago astakos/v0.7.4 tag v0.7.4
9 years ago astakos/v0.7.3 tag v0.7.3
9 years ago astakos/debian/v0.7.3 tag debian/v0.7.3
9 years ago astakos/debian/v0.7.2 tag debian/v0.7.2
9 years ago astakos/v0.7.2 tag v0.7.2
9 years ago astakos/debian/v0.7.1 tag debian/v0.7.1
9 years ago astakos/v0.7.1 tag v0.7.1
9 years ago astakos/v0.7.0 tag v0.7.0
9 years ago astakos/debian/v0.7.0 tag debian/v0.7.0
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