Fix references to settings not yet in master
[pithos] / snf-pithos-tools /
2012-07-18 Kostas PapadimitriouBump versions for v0.10.0 release
2012-07-17 Sofia Papagiannakifix tests in case there are no initial containers
2012-07-17 Sofia PapagiannakiWrite more realistic tests
2012-07-17 Sofia Papagiannakifix default value for PITHOS_URL environmental variable
2012-06-29 Sofia PapagiannakiCall for delete container contents
2012-06-29 Sofia PapagiannakiRewrite tests for mass operations
2012-06-28 Sofia PapagiannakiFix size & type of copied files
2012-06-27 Sofia PapagiannakiMerge branch 'next'
2012-06-27 Sofia PapagiannakiMore tests for listing shared & public objects & mass...
2012-06-26 Sofia PapagiannakiCorrect length in test for maximum upload size violation
2012-06-26 Sofia Papagiannaki``shared`` and ``public`` parameters in pithos-sh list...
2012-06-26 Sofia PapagiannakiExtend client library & pithos-sh to support mass delet...
2012-06-06 Kostas PapadimitriouUpdate Changelog files
2012-05-23 Sofia Papagiannakifix detailed public listing
2012-05-23 Sofia Papagiannakiextend client library and write tests for listing publi...
2012-05-03 Kostas PapadimitriouUpdate changelogs pithos/v0.9.6
2012-05-02 Sofia Papagiannakiclient library: fix double content-type header
2012-05-02 Sofia Papagiannakimissing HTTPSConnection import
2012-04-20 Kostas PapadimitriouUpdate Changelog files pithos/v0.9.5
2012-04-19 Sofia Papagiannakifix pithos-sh put using hashmaps
2012-04-19 Sofia Papagiannakiadd progress bars in pithos-sh
2012-04-11 Kostas PapadimitriouUpdate Changelog files pithos/v0.9.4
2012-04-10 Sofia PapagiannakiChange default server.
2012-04-02 Kostas PapadimitriouUpdate Changelog files for v0.9.3 pithos/v0.9.3
2012-03-23 Antony ChazapisCheck Content-Type up to semicolon.
2012-03-12 Sofia Papagiannakisetup dispatcher environment with synnefo settings
2012-03-08 Sofia Papagiannakifix DEBUG in dispatcher pithos/v0.9.2
2012-02-28 Sofia PapagiannakiMerge branch 'master' of
2012-02-28 Sofia Papagiannakiadditional tests
2012-02-25 Antony ChazapisMake proper README files for each package.
2012-02-24 Kostas PapadimitriouProper snf-common version spec
2012-02-24 Kostas PapadimitriouUpdated snf-common required version
2012-02-23 Kostas PapadimitriouMerge branch 'master' into packaging
2012-02-23 Kostas PapadimitriouFixed typo in tests
2012-02-23 Kostas PapadimitriouProper unittest execution in pithos test tool
2012-02-23 Kostas PapadimitriouUpdated snf-webproject hooks
2012-02-23 Antony ChazapisRemove lib package.
2012-02-22 Kostas PapadimitriouMerge commit 'v0.9.0' into packaging
2012-01-23 Kostas PapadimitriouMerge branch 'master' into packaging
2012-01-20 Kostas PapadimitriouAdded COPYRIGHT files
2012-01-19 Kostas changes
2012-01-18 Kostas PapadimitriouHandle synnefo imports in files
2012-01-17 Kostas version module import fixes
2012-01-17 Kostas PapadimitriouImproved snf-pithos-tools packages
2012-01-17 Kostas PapadimitriouSplit pithos components in separate packages