Merge branch 'packaging' into debian-0.8
[pithos] / docs /
2012-01-24 Antony ChazapisUse format for uploaded blocks hash lists at the contai... pithos/v0.8.3
2012-01-24 Antony ChazapisUse format parameter for Conflict (409) replies.
2012-01-24 Antony ChazapisAdd ignore_content_type parameter on COPY/MOVE.
2012-01-24 Antony ChazapisDocument sharing headers.
2012-01-19 Antony ChazapisUse /login to redirect or not, depending on the configu...
2012-01-12 Antony ChazapisUpdate admin guide.
2012-01-11 Antony ChazapisChange sync command. id
2012-01-11 Antony ChazapisRemove custom doc theme.
2012-01-04 Antony ChazapisRemove im app.
2011-12-22 chazapisDocument ETag changes.
2011-12-19 Antony ChazapisAdd backend object retrieve by UUID. Expose UUID at...
2011-12-16 Antony ChazapisDocument django's behavior when using the internal...
2011-12-15 Antony ChazapisUpdate dev guide with meta queries.
2011-12-15 Antony ChazapisFix docs for initial im db setup.
2011-12-14 Antony ChazapisAdd apache directive to disable automatic compression.
2011-12-14 Antony ChazapisReplace the request's is_secure call with one that...
2011-12-07 Antony ChazapisRestructure repository to make pithos one package.
2011-12-07 Antony ChazapisAdd gunicorn timeout option in admin guide.
2011-12-02 Antony ChazapisUse URL-encoding/decoding for all headers.
2011-12-02 Antony ChazapisFormat groups/policy/metadata in JSON/XML replies.
2011-11-29 Antony ChazapisUpdate versioning in docs.
2011-11-25 Antony ChazapisRefresh docs. settings
2011-11-23 Antony ChazapisUpdate instructions.
2011-11-23 Sofia Papagiannakiincorporate south
2011-11-21 Antony ChazapisAlways include the Merkle hash in object meta (as retur...
2011-11-10 Antony ChazapisFix for python-django (1.2.3-3+squeeze2) package.
2011-11-07 Antony ChazapisAdd apache directive for passing URLs to gunicorn uncha...
2011-11-07 Antony ChazapisUpdate admin guide.
2011-11-01 Antony ChazapisFix docs. pithos/v0.7.9
2011-10-26 Antony ChazapisUpdate admin guide for im.
2011-10-21 Antony ChazapisUse 401 error when missing token and 403 when forbidden.
2011-10-18 Antony ChazapisDocument gunicorn deployment.
2011-10-17 Antony ChazapisAdd insufficient quota replies in frontend. Document.
2011-10-17 Antony ChazapisUpdate Shibboleth headers, as reported by NOC.
2011-10-13 Antony ChazapisMerge account policy in api. Document.
2011-10-13 Antony ChazapisMerge policy into node. Needs database reset, or the...
2011-10-12 Antony ChazapisBug fixes by NOC.
2011-10-11 Antony ChazapisFix wrong autoincrement column. Make mysql tables use... pithos/v0.7.8.1
2011-10-11 Sofia Papagiannakispecify mysql engine = innodb while creating tables...
2011-10-11 rootAdd python module for mysql in admin guide.
2011-10-11 Antony ChazapisAdmin guide change.
2011-10-11 Antony ChazapisMerge branch 'master' of
2011-10-11 Antony ChazapisReport remaining bytes. Enforce account quota when...
2011-10-11 Sofia Papagiannakiperform case sensitive varchar ordering, handle correct...
2011-10-04 Antony ChazapisContainer-level block upload documentation and integrat...
2011-09-30 Antony ChazapisAllow cross-account object from object update.
2011-09-29 Antony ChazapisFix 'Content-Type' header in GET replies.
2011-09-28 Antony ChazapisSupport cross-account copy and move.
2011-09-28 Antony ChazapisDocument syncing algorithm.
2011-09-22 Antony ChazapisSuggest upload/download methods using hashmaps.
2011-09-20 Antony ChazapisNew doc style.
2011-09-19 Antony ChazapisFix administrator guide with apache directive needed...
2011-09-14 Antony ChazapisUpdate admin guide.
2011-09-13 Antony ChazapisUpdate admin guide.
2011-09-13 Antony ChazapisUse 'hashmap' parameter in object GET/PUT to use hashmaps.
2011-09-13 Antony ChazapisDocument authentication.
2011-09-13 Antony ChazapisFix autodocs with new paths.
2011-09-13 Antony ChazapisReport allowed actions in cross-user object requests...
2011-09-12 Antony ChazapisContainer PUT can also be used for updating metadata...
2011-09-12 Antony ChazapisAdd info on Shibboleth setup.
2011-09-08 Antony ChazapisNo more tags.
2011-09-06 Antony ChazapisIntegrate AlchemyBackend.
2011-09-06 Antony ChazapisAdd PostgreSQL installation instructions in admin guide.
2011-09-05 Antony ChazapisChange conflict (409) replies format to text.
2011-09-05 Antony ChazapisReturn new version identifier in frontend. Document.
2011-08-09 Antony ChazapisUpdate documentation.
2011-08-07 Antony ChazapisShibboleth login function.
2011-07-29 Antony ChazapisUse Merkle hash for ETag when updating objects.
2011-07-29 Antony ChazapisUpdate admin guide.
2011-07-28 Antony ChazapisFix admin guide.
2011-07-28 Antony ChazapisUpdate admin guide.
2011-07-28 Antony ChazapisFix docs build for debian squeeze.
2011-07-26 Antony ChazapisFix doc.
2011-07-22 Antony ChazapisConditional object create/update.
2011-07-21 Antony ChazapisFix date reporting before until in account metadata.
2011-07-21 Antony ChazapisInclude implementation guidelines in doc.
2011-07-19 Antony ChazapisClarification for container headers in the docs.
2011-07-19 Antony ChazapisOption to show only shared containers/objects in listings.
2011-07-19 Antony ChazapisCross-account operations in backend/API/docs.
2011-07-18 Sofia Papagiannakiclient lib separated in two major classes (oos and...
2011-07-17 Antony ChazapisClean up authorization in the backend. Fix groups.
2011-07-16 Antony ChazapisAdd API calls to purge container/object history.
2011-07-14 Sofia PapagiannakiMerge branch 'master' of
2011-07-14 Antony ChazapisIgnore the Accept header.
2011-07-14 Sofia PapagiannakiMerge branch 'master' of
2011-07-13 Antony ChazapisObject create via POST, when Content-Type is 'multipart...
2011-07-13 Sofia Papagiannakiextend api object write to accept xml formatted request...
2011-07-12 Giorgos VerigakisAdd initial admin guide skeleton
2011-07-12 Antony ChazapisObject truncate.
2011-07-11 Antony ChazapisOption to update an object using another object's data.
2011-07-05 Antony ChazapisBug fix.
2011-07-05 Sofia PapagiannakiUpdate guide with extended behavior
2011-07-04 Antony ChazapisReturn the conflicting path in the reply, when refusing...
2011-07-04 Antony Chazapis* Account groups.
2011-06-23 Antony ChazapisUpdate versioning.
2011-06-22 Antony ChazapisDocument 'update' parameter. Add to account/container...
2011-06-20 Antony ChazapisAdd recommended practices/examples in docs.
2011-06-19 Antony ChazapisBug fixes.
2011-06-14 Antony ChazapisFix manifest and copy/move prefix parsing.
2011-06-14 Antony ChazapisLarge object support.