Fix version check introduced in aca3e6508c7ae3f5ee
[snf-image-creator] / image_creator / os_type /
2013-08-04 Nikos SkalkotosFix version check introduced in aca3e6508c7ae3f5ee
2013-08-03 Nikos SkalkotosFix a typo in one of the input options
2013-08-03 Nikos SkalkotosConvert check_guestfs_version into an Image method
2013-08-03 Nikos SkalkotosFix multiple bugs in util.get_kvm_binary
2013-08-02 Nikos SkalkotosPrint a meaningful msg if windows shrinking fails
2013-08-02 Nikos SkalkotosRaise FatalError for guestfs < 1.17.18 in windows
2013-08-01 Nikos SkalkotosAdd {enable, disable}_guestfs methods in image cls
2013-08-01 Nikos SkalkotosFix a typo in a variable name
2013-08-01 Nikos SkalkotosDon't copy the guestfs handler in the os_type cls
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosIgnore the absence pagefile.sys in windows
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosAdd a function for finding out the kvm binary
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosIn turn some constants to syspep params
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosAdd type field in the SysprepParam namedtuple
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosFix small bugs and clean up the code
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosAdd decorators defining sysprep params
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosDon't list disabled users in Windows
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosFix a bug in windows shrink sysprep
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosAdd connectivity checks for the windows VM
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosMonitor VM ps when waiting for windows booting
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosAdd a new winexe module
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosMix minor typos
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosUse --uninstall in winexe
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosAdd kms_client_setup sysprep for windows images
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosSleep for 10 secs after you monitor Windows is up
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosAdd support for shrinking windows VMs
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosAdd sysprep for shrinking in windows
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosAdd sysprep in windows to clear the event logs
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosWorkaround a hivex bug
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosAdd new windows sysprep for disabling hibernation
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosDisable the Windows firewall when the syspreps run
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosAdd various Windows syspreps
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosAdd the sysprep message printing in the decorator
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosMonitor when the windows VM is up and running
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosAdd support for performing sysprep on windows
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosAdd basic support for customizing windows images
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosDisable UAC remote restrictions in windows
2013-06-26 Nikos SkalkotosAdd missing _do_collect_metadata method in Windows
2013-06-11 Nikos SkalkotosCode Cleanup
2013-06-03 Nikos SkalkotosPopulate the USERS metadata for windows images
2013-03-28 Nikos SkalkotosAdd missing docstrings
2013-03-22 Nikos SkalkotosClean-up the code using flake8
2012-04-10 Nikos SkalkotosAdd options for enabling/disabling sysprep tasks
2012-04-05 Nikos SkalkotosAdd exclude_task decorator in os_type
2012-03-19 Nikos SkalkotosFix license, copyright and pep8 infractions
2012-02-24 Nikos SkalkotosMajor code revision
2012-02-20 Nikos SkalkotosAdd OS specific classes