Add {enable, disable}_guestfs methods in image cls
[snf-image-creator] / image_creator /
2013-08-01 Nikos SkalkotosAdd {enable, disable}_guestfs methods in image cls
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosAdd support for sysprep-parameters
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosRemove bootable options from image class
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosPass the Image instance to the os_type classes
2013-07-30 Nikos SkalkotosAdd check_guestfs_version function
2013-06-11 Nikos SkalkotosCode Cleanup
2013-06-07 Nikos SkalkotosMove mount/umount from image to os_type module
2013-05-21 Nikos SkalkotosMinor warning message change
2013-05-17 Nikos SkalkotosSupport mounting freebsd ufs filesystems
2013-04-25 Nikos SkalkotosHandle better images with distro="unknown"
2013-03-28 Nikos SkalkotosAdd missing docstrings
2013-03-26 Nikos SkalkotosRename DiskDevice class to Image