2013-03-19 Nikos SkalkotosBump version to 0.2.5 v0.2.5
2013-03-19 Nikos SkalkotosIn the main menu add action for the help button
2013-03-19 Nikos SkalkotosUpdate the documentation
2013-03-19 Nikos SkalkotosMinor code and messages cleanup
2013-03-19 Nikos SkalkotosFix a bug in wizard introduced in 37d581b868919aae
2013-03-18 Nikos SkalkotosDisplay gathered info in wizard's confirmation box
2013-03-17 Nikos SkalkotosSupport private images
2013-03-16 Nikos SkalkotosFix minor typos
2013-03-14 Nikos SkalkotosUse only the token to authenticate to synnefo
2013-03-13 Nikos SkalkotosFix small typo
2013-03-12 Nikos SkalkotosFix some typos in configuration_tasks help file
2013-03-06 Nikos SkalkotosBump version to 0.2.4 v0.2.4
2013-03-06 Nikos SkalkotosUse user id to authenticate with synnefo
2013-03-06 Nikos SkalkotosEnforce raw img format in libguestfs
2013-02-01 Nikos SkalkotosFix minor pep8 errors
2013-01-30 Nikos SkalkotosRename README.rst to README
2013-01-30 Nikos SkalkotosBump version to 0.2.3 v0.2.3
2013-01-29 Nikos SkalkotosIn bundle_volume keep partition starting points
2013-01-29 Nikos SkalkotosIn bundle_volume print msg when cloning partitions
2013-01-29 Nikos SkalkotosAdd support for gpt partitions in bundle_volume
2013-01-28 Nikos SkalkotosAdd AUTHORS and ChangeLog
2013-01-28 Nikos SkalkotosAdd man pages for snf-image-creator & snf-mkimage
2013-01-28 Nikos SkalkotosUpdate the documentation
2013-01-28 Nikos SkalkotosAdd the docs directory in
2013-01-27 Nikos SkalkotosDon't call parted.Device.destroy()
2013-01-26 Nikos SkalkotosOmmit using os.path.relpath
2013-01-26 Nikos SkalkotosSupport pyparted 3.4
2013-01-22 Nikos SkalkotosBump version to 0.2.2 v0.2.2
2013-01-22 Nikos SkalkotosUpdate the documentation
2013-01-21 Nikos SkalkotosFix typos in install section of the documentation
2013-01-18 Nikos SkalkotosCompletely exclude mpoints when running rsync
2013-01-18 Nikos SkalkotosFix a bug in tmp dir removal
2013-01-18 Nikos SkalkotosAdd missing rsync dependency in docs
2013-01-16 Nikos SkalkotosBump version to 0.2.1 v0.2.1
2013-01-16 Nikos SkalkotosUpdate the documentation
2013-01-16 Nikos SkalkotosSupport python-sendfile 2.x
2013-01-16 Nikos SkalkotosFix a variable name typo in output/
2013-01-14 Nikos SkalkotosBump version to 0.2 v0.2
2013-01-14 Nikos SkalkotosUpdate the documentation to reflect v0.2
2013-01-11 Nikos SkalkotosRephrase overview and install section in docs
2013-01-11 Nikos SkalkotosAdd COPYRIGHT and README.rst in
2013-01-11 Nikos SkalkotosAdd author and author_mail in
2013-01-11 Nikos SkalkotosFix bug introdueced in f2ddf4db58fc537e66d60739d2a
2013-01-10 Nikos SkalkotosFix minor issues in output messages
2013-01-10 Nikos SkalkotosFix the rsync child process wait code
2013-01-10 Nikos SkalkotosAllow users to specify tmp dir for large files
2013-01-10 Nikos SkalkotosMerge branch 'stable-0.1-hd'
2013-01-10 Nikos SkalkotosAdd copyright file
2013-01-10 Alex PyrgiotisMinor typo correction
2013-01-10 Alex PyrgiotisUpdate installation method
2013-01-04 Nikos SkalkotosFix minor typos
2013-01-04 Nikos SkalkotosTreat kamaki config files as sensitive data
2013-01-04 Nikos SkalkotosTruncate the image before fs creation
2013-01-04 Nikos SkalkotosIn rsync make src and dest labels configurable
2013-01-03 Nikos SkalkotosMerge branch 'stable-0.1'
2013-01-03 Nikos SkalkotosFix a bug in image shrinking code pt2
2013-01-03 Nikos SkalkotosRemember the working dir media selection dialog
2013-01-03 Nikos SkalkotosMinor fixes in output messages
2013-01-03 Nikos SkalkotosFix media selection in snf-mkimage
2013-01-03 Nikos SkalkotosCleanup Rsync class and add extra options
2012-12-31 Nikos SkalkotosFix pep8 errors
2012-12-31 Nikos SkalkotosFix bugs in rsync module
2012-12-30 Nikos SkalkotosRetry cleanup commands if they fail
2012-12-30 Nikos SkalkotosMake sure the tmp bunble_volume img gets deleted
2012-12-30 Nikos SkalkotosRemove progress bar for guestfs.launch() progress
2012-12-30 Nikos SkalkotosRephrase overview.rst
2012-12-29 Nikos SkalkotosIn bundle_volume truncate img file after shrinking
2012-12-28 Nikos SkalkotosRemove temporary bundeled image during cleanup
2012-12-28 Nikos SkalkotosIn bundle_volume replace UUIDs in new filesystems
2012-12-24 Nikos SkalkotosFix a bug in rsync
2012-12-23 Nikos SkalkotosIn bundle volume copy host files with rsync
2012-12-22 Alex PyrgiotisRemove the installation restriction about Ubuntu
2012-12-21 Nikos SkalkotosFix a bug in image shrinking code
2012-12-20 Nikos SkalkotosCreate fs in image partitions in bundle_volume
2012-12-19 Nikos SkalkotosFix bugs in bundle_volume module
2012-12-19 Nikos SkalkotosFurther development in bundle_volume
2012-12-17 Nikos SkalkotosMerge branch 'stable-0.1'
2012-12-17 Nikos SkalkotosMerge branch 'stable-0.1-hd' into stable-0.1
2012-12-14 Alex PyrgiotisFix errors introduced in 9517bf29dadbb4f1257f240bc
2012-12-13 Nikos SkalkotosFix the image partitions in bundle_volume
2012-12-13 Alex PyrgiotisRestore original image creation example
2012-12-13 Alex PyrgiotisUpdate usage section with an example
2012-12-13 Nikos SkalkotosFix a pep8 error
2012-12-11 Nikos SkalkotosFuther development for bundle_volume
2012-12-03 Nikos SkalkotosBump version to 0.1.1 v0.1.1
2012-11-29 Alex PyrgiotisCorrect some typos
2012-11-28 Alex PyrgiotisCorrect typos in installation doc
2012-11-28 Alex PyrgiotisRemove unwanted spaces
2012-11-28 Alex PyrgiotisRestore older way of installing snf-image-creator
2012-11-28 Alex PyrgiotisUpdate installation method of sf-image-creator
2012-11-26 Alex PyrgiotisDo not apt-get python-gevent and python-dev
2012-11-26 Alex PyrgiotisCorrect dependencies list
2012-11-22 Alex PyrgiotisBring installation instructions up-to-date
2012-11-22 Alex PyrgiotisRemove overlapping content with okenos-guides
2012-11-21 Nikos SkalkotosAdd new bundle_volume module
2012-11-21 Nikos SkalkotosAdd "Running System" button in media selection
2012-11-20 Nikos SkalkotosFix a bug in dialog wizard
2012-11-05 Nikos SkalkotosRevert "Monkey patch the source to work with gevent" v0.1
2012-11-02 Nikos SkalkotosMonkey patch the source to work with gevent
2012-11-02 Nikos SkalkotosUse py-sendfile in favor of pysendfile