Bug #1784

"Next" button remains inactive after validating credentials

Added by Panagiotis Kanavos almost 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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The "Next" button remains inactive in the Automatic Pithos Account page of the Add Account Wizard after validating credentials. This occurs because the WizardPage control doesn't refresh the status of the button when the corresponding value changes in the view model. Clicking inside the page or switching to another app causes the window to repaint and refresh the button status.

The same problem occurred in the manual page and was resolved by changing the focus to one of the text boxes when the busy indicator was hidden. Unfortunately there are no textboxes in the Auto page. Another workaround is required.

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Revision 53032fb7
Added by Panagiotis Kanavos almost 9 years ago

Fixed inactive Next button when validating credentials. Fixes #1784


#1 Updated by Panagiotis Kanavos almost 9 years ago

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While the status of the wizard buttons is controlled by the respective properties (CanSelectNextPage etc), these are evaluated only when the framework requests the evaluation of the corresponding commands (NextPage etc). Changing the value of the properties doesn't trigger the evaluation, while any change to the UI does.

To fix the bug, we need to call the CommandManager.InvalidateRequerySuggested() method to force the evaluation.

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