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Retrieve credentials no longer works

Added by Angus Griffin over 11 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

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While retrieve credentials used to work for me, it no longer seems to.

The tcp port referred to in the URL (e.g. 65038) is opened by the ms client, but I enter my login/password in astakos and either:

a) the sessions seems to time out; or
b) I can log in but the ms client shows a dialog "An error occurred while retrieving credentials"

The connection between the browser and the ms client seems to be successful, shown by the below netstat output:
C:\Users\angus.griffin>netstat -an |grep 65038

Note that I am not running the latest server software (either pithos or astakos) at present as I am waiting for updated installation documentation to be completed.

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#1 Updated by Angus Griffin over 11 years ago

This is specific to the (out of date) AARNet install.

Please disregard this bug report.

#2 Updated by Panagiotis Kanavos over 11 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Closed

The issue is caused by an IE's faulty handling of multiple redirects (302). In some cases IE will fail to perform the last redirect. This causes issues because authentication against Shiboleth requires at two redirects (from Astakos to Pithos, from Pithos to the local port).

Solved by using a web browser hosted in an application page, thus bypassing IE's faulty behavior.

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