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kamaki logs tokens

Added by Vangelis Koukis about 11 years ago. Updated about 11 years ago.

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Kamaki logs tokens, see pithos logs in production.
Never ever log tokens.

Also, make all logger names be hierarchical under kamaki.
Or make the logger name configurable?

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#1 Updated by Stavros Sachtouris about 11 years ago

What if token (or, even, some other kind of sensitive information) logging is off be default, but could be switched on by a flag / config option?

#2 Updated by Stavros Sachtouris about 11 years ago

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Token logging is disabled in kamaki 0.8

A contributor that needs to log the token during development, may edit the kamaki/clients/__init__.py file and set the LOG_TOKEN to True and unset it after finishing his/her work

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