Bug #3522

Delete images from plankton

Added by Christos Stavrakakis about 8 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

Status:Closed Start date:04/01/2013
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Target version:0.14.0


Currenty, deleting an Image from plankton results in deletion of the Image
from Pithos.
Fix: Do not delete the Image from Pithos. Instead, just remove all the metadata
from domain 'plankton'.

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duplicated by Synnefo - Bug #3355: Unregister images Closed 03/01/2013

Associated revisions

Revision f13aab5d
Added by Christos Stavrakakis about 8 years ago

Delete Image without deleting file from Pithos

Until now, deleting an image resulted in deletion of the corresponding
file from Pithos. Plankton Images are files in Pithos with special
metadata on the 'plankton' metadata domain. Adding an Image to plankton
is equivalent with adding some special metadata in this domain. In the
same way, this commit implements Image deletion by deleting these
metadata, and retaining the original file in Pithos.

Refs #3522

Revision 22b5ac0b
Added by Christos Stavrakakis almost 8 years ago

plankton: Correct image unregister

Correct usage of 'update_object_meta' function to remove all metadata
from plankton domain. Use an empty dictionary with replace=True.

Refs #3522


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