Bug #4041

snf-webproject should not depend on snf-branding, snf-django-lib

Added by Constantinos Venetsanopoulos over 10 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

Status:Closed Start date:06/19/2013
Priority:Medium Due date:
Assignee:Christos Stavrakakis % Done:


Category:Webproject Spent time: -
Target version:0.15


Now snf-webproject depends on snf-branding, snf-django-lib which in turn depends on python-astakosclient.
This should not happen.

Associated revisions

Revision 7cfc0cef
Added by Christos Stavrakakis about 10 years ago

snf-django: Move ListCommand to snf-django

snf-webproject contained the generic ListCommand, and because of this it
had a dependency from snf-django-lib. This commit moves this command from
snf-webproject to snf-django-lib and removes this dependency. Also,
updates all imports of ListCommand.

Refs #4041


#1 Updated by Christos Stavrakakis about 10 years ago

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