Bug #4114

Exclude command groups if they are not set by kamaki or users

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This report addresses a special case of a command python package with multiple command group specifications, where some of them are to be included in the session and some others are to be excluded.

For example, the cyclades CLI specification contains many command groups, e.g. server, network and floatingip. The later is a new command group and is hidden/optional for the time being.

The problem: Since most of the cyclades command specifications are internally requested by kamaki CLI, the cyclades spec package is loaded with all its command groups.

The sollution: exclude the non-requested command groups while loading the command spec package.

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Revision 320aac17
Added by Stavros Sachtouris about 11 years ago

Exclude unset optional cmd groups

Refs: #4114

E.g. the cyclades spec package contains the non-optional group "server" and
the optional group "floatingip". Now kamaki can load only the "server"
group, except if the user requests the loading of "floatingip" group too.

Revision 7cb5c133
Added by Stavros Sachtouris about 11 years ago

Update Changelog optional cmd spec bug fix

Refs: #4114


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