Bug #5111

Gateway on private networks

Added by Dimitris Aragiorgis over 10 years ago.

Status:New Start date:02/19/2014
Priority:Medium Due date:
Assignee:Christos Stavrakakis % Done:


Category:Cyclades API Spent time: -
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1) Gateway on private networks must be optional. It is needed only if a VM inside this network is the gateway and does NAT for the others.

2) Allow VMs to obtain the Gateway IP. Ganeti allows it. See d42520f in snf-ganeti and 031d2db in stable-2.10:

Allow instances to obtain externally reserved IPs

The administrator should be able to assign an externally reserved IP
to a Ganeti instance manually, if desired. Currently this is not
supported. External reservations should act as holes in the pool and
not just as IPs already used by someone outside of Ganeti.
Automatic allocation with ip=pool will continue to exclude those IPs
as happens now.
To allow such functionality the administrator needs to pass explicitly
the desired IP along with the ``--no-conflicts-check`` option, or else
an error will be produced as happens now.

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