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Tool to check Cyclades update path

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Target version:0.16


Add a tool to check the state of the Cyclades update path:
Ganeti -> snf-ganeti-eventd -> RabbitMQ -> snf-dispatcher

The tool will have to test that snf-dispatcher receives notifications
for running jobs from all Ganeti clusters. This will be done
in the following way:

1) Create a unique temporary queue.
2) Send a dummy job to a Ganeti cluster which will contain in the reason trail
the name of the temporary queue.
3) Wait in the queue to get the message from eventd.

eventd will be extended to read the reason trail, and send a dummy message to
the temporary queue that is contained in the message.

The queue will be declared as 'exclusive' in order to be automatically deleted when
the tool completes.

Finally, in order to detect split brain problems between RabbitMQ brokers, we can
create the queue in only one broker (non-mirrored queue) and repeat the test
for all RabbitMQ brokers.

The tool can be created as an option of snf-dispatcher:

snf-dispatcher --check


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