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Prodromos Gerakios, 06/11/2012 06:38 pm


Aquarium provides charging and billing services for the Okeanos IaaS.

Getting Started

We use Scala for development and Git for version control.
You can find some helpful Scala resources here: You can find some helpful Git resources here:

The code is here. Feel free to use an Atom or an RSS feed of the commits.

You can also find some statistics here. The statistics are served by a VM in the Okeanos IaaS. So, we eat our own dog food.


The accounting subsystem accepts usage events from other systems and translates them to accounting entries in the user's wallet.


The sharing system enables users to share resources in a controlled manner.


Project organization and conventions

  • Coding Style The guide does not specify a strict limit of characters per line. For Aquarium, we use 120.

Useful sites

Other software docs