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Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
a196eb7e 02/01/2012 05:24 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Several minor changes

  • change visible fields in user profile page
  • change visible fields in user modification administrator page
  • enable administrator to update user quota
  • read default user level from settings
  • show sent invitations and status in user invite page...
74f643ad 01/25/2012 01:43 am Sofia Papagiannaki

remove hardcoded service name & use instead of SERVICE_NAME setting

Refs: #1914
Refs: #1912

5ed6816e 01/24/2012 06:03 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

- use email to login & authenticate users
- fix user profile editing bug
- fix user activation issue
- consume invitation upon invited user creation
- fix invited user invitations
- add token info in test user fixture
- minor bug fixes

Refs: #1917
Refs: #1911...

890b0eaf 01/22/2012 09:12 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

add docs
-incorporate CsrfViewMiddleware
-change tamplates to render forms
-change email template location
-api.activate() returns only information about token
In prepare_response, instead of setting the cookie, log the user in
- use django.contrib.auth.views for reseting and changing user password...

0905ccd2 01/17/2012 02:20 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

restructure app
- extend django user model
- pass template_name and extra_context in views
- incorporate context processors
- use different backends for invitations and simple workflow

Refs: #1823

4b8f5b96 01/11/2012 12:27 pm Antony Chazapis

Use new backend defaults.

64cd4730 01/09/2012 04:42 pm Antony Chazapis

Initial commit. Move from pithos repository.

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