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bc598589 12/20/2013 01:23 pm Stratos Psomadakis

Make verify a noop

343ae85c 12/04/2013 12:23 pm Dimitris Aragiorgis

Minor changes in svc in order to be functional

  • Add setinfo and snapshot dummy ops.
  • Add needed symbolic links.
  • Make python script executable.
  • parameter.list -> parameters.list

Signed-off-by: Dimitris Aragiorgis <>

5d87846e 12/03/2013 06:42 pm Dimitris Aragiorgis

Add .gitignore at root level

Signed-off-by: Dimitris Aragiorgis <>

ed2ee198 12/03/2013 06:36 pm Dimitris Aragiorgis

Rename svc_extstorage to svc

Needed so that with a simple git clone we get a working set of

Signed-off-by: Dimitris Aragiorgis <>