From 01/21/2013 to 02/19/2013


06:59 pm Feature #3296: OCCI Implementation for Okeanos Kostas Koumantaros
06:58 pm Feature #3296: OCCI Implementation for Okeanos
OCCI Working Group Standard Kostas Koumantaros
06:49 pm New-CloudAccountingUR.pdf
Kostas Koumantaros
06:49 pm Document: Cloud Accounting Records
Kostas Koumantaros
06:44 pm Document: Federated Cloud Git-hub
06:39 pm Feature #3296: OCCI Implementation for Okeanos
At you will find a complete list of requirements/features that are required for ... Kostas Koumantaros
06:33 pm Feature #3299 (New): Dynamic Info Provider for Okeanos
We need to provide dynamic info for the ldap service currently running at and is publis... Kostas Koumantaros
05:56 pm Feature #3298 (New): Create an Adaptor for the Federeated-cloud-tf Accounting system for Okeanos
The Accounting capability will provide a central site for the Federated Cloud Resource Providers to publish informati... Kostas Koumantaros
05:50 pm Feature #3296 (New): OCCI Implementation for Okeanos
h1. Requirements
The users should be able to:
VOMS Athentication/authorisation
Create Instance
(De)Register Image...
Kostas Koumantaros
05:35 pm Feature #3293 (New): Support for VMCatcher
We need to automate the registration of the images distributed by VMcatcher to Okeanos
Kostas Koumantaros
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