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f1bd3b97 03/14/2012 12:01 am Leonidas Poulopoulos

Simple formset validation added. Got rid of delete once one rule is present

4305e60f 03/05/2012 05:04 pm Leonidas Poulopoulos

Added a complere add_route_set in views

2cff73d0 03/05/2012 05:03 pm Leonidas Poulopoulos

Added route set addition in celery tasks

b500da65 03/05/2012 05:03 pm Leonidas Poulopoulos

Added custom QuerySet to Rule to allow for mass rule additions

1f051092 03/05/2012 05:02 pm Leonidas Poulopoulos

Modified formset factory to include Rule modelform

88e30623 03/02/2012 04:01 pm Leonidas Poulopoulos

Merge branch 'master' into dev/formset

d60db93b 03/02/2012 03:19 pm Leonidas Poulopoulos

Bug fixes related to Shib auth

8a53465c 03/01/2012 04:48 pm Leonidas Poulopoulos

Added jquery formset lib and implemented functionality similar to admin inlines

1b996627 02/22/2012 09:15 pm Leonidas Poulopoulos

Initial formset effort (with success)

2a2ea58f 02/20/2012 01:17 pm Leonidas Poulopoulos

User monkeypatching (longer username) now works for admin as well

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