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04daec5d 09/03/2007 04:23 pm Michael Hanselmann

- Rename docs/ to doc/
- Add Makefile in doc/examples/

Reviewed-by: schreiberal

113b55aa 09/03/2007 02:22 pm Iustin Pop

Switch utils.RunCmd from popen2 to subprocess

This changes the implementation of RunCmd from using the popen2 module
to using the (new in 2.4) subprocess module.

This is helpful because the subprocess module has more advanced features
than popen2, the most important ones being the ability to run code in the...

7fcf849f 09/03/2007 11:04 am Iustin Pop

Add a small unittext extension for utils.RunCmd

Reviewed-by: imsnah

9df6d173 08/31/2007 06:36 pm Michael Hanselmann

Test “gnt-node volumes”.

Reviewed-by: iustinp

61bf23ec 08/31/2007 12:12 pm Iustin Pop

Add note about Debian default dbrd.conf

Debian's default drbd configuration has some enabled directives, which make the
init script throw errors. Document how to disable the defaults and thus get rid
of the errors.

Reviewed-by: imsnah

3571f686 08/30/2007 09:33 pm Iustin Pop

Bump up version to beta1

051f92ec 08/30/2007 09:27 pm Michael Hanselmann

Fix capitalization.

Reviewed-by: iustinp

ac232de3 08/30/2007 09:19 pm Iustin Pop

Fix some spelling mistakes

89624642 08/30/2007 09:10 pm Iustin Pop

Add note about lvm.conf tuning

Reviewed-by: imsnah

a0e7cec8 08/30/2007 08:49 pm Michael Hanselmann

Pass --os-size and --swap-size to burnin during QA.

Reviewed-by: iustinp

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