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CLI.hs 2.7 kB
Cluster.hs 30.5 kB
Container.hs 1.9 kB
IAlloc.hs 3.7 kB
Instance.hs 2.2 kB
Node.hs 8.5 kB
PeerMap.hs 1.7 kB
Rapi.hs 2.8 kB
Utils.hs 4 kB 172 Bytes

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1297ce13 05/21/2009 02:11 am Iustin Pop

Small syntax improvement

D'oh, one can extract from a wrapped variable, not only from functions.

fd22ce8e 05/21/2009 02:09 am Iustin Pop

Convert Cluster.loadData to Result return

This patch changes Cluster.loadData to return a Result, instead of
directly the values; this will allow us to return meaningful error
values (e.g. when an instances lives on unknown node) rather than simply
abort. Currently the result is always an Ok, the actual signalling of...

e015b554 05/21/2009 01:24 am Iustin Pop

Allow overriding the RAPI port/scheme

This patch adds a very dumb way to override the port and scheme for
RAPI: if the master string doesn't contain a colon, we consider it a
simple hostname specification, and thus prepend ‘https://’ and append
‘:5080’, (the default RAPI port); otherwise, we consider it a fully...

ba00ad4d 05/21/2009 12:55 am Iustin Pop

Remove some 1.2 specific code

Now that we dropped 1.2 compatibility, we can removed the special casing
for RAPI differences.

5aa48dbe 05/21/2009 12:54 am Iustin Pop

Generalize some Result function into monad ones

We don't really needed, but is more clean like this.

942403e6 05/21/2009 12:25 am Iustin Pop

Switch from hand-written monads to a real one

This big patch converts from our home-grown monad-like constructs
(the Either stuff) to a real, Either-like-but-another-name monad.

We introduce a “Result a” monad, and this allows dropping many of the
extra constructs. Hopefully the code is also more clear....

144f190b 05/21/2009 12:25 am Iustin Pop

Small changes to the IAlloc module

Adding a small request type data structure.

234d8af0 05/20/2009 12:59 am Iustin Pop

Don't consider offline nodes as N+1 failed

This is just a cosmetic (I hope) change; the nodes shouldn't be used
anyway, and we only correct the display message.

aff363a4 05/20/2009 12:50 am Iustin Pop

Drop RAPI v1 compatiblity

Since we only support Ganeti 2.0, we drop the 1.2 compatibility.

00b15752 05/20/2009 12:45 am Iustin Pop

Add support for 'offline' nodes

This patch drops compatiblity with Ganeti 1.2 and adds support for
offline nodes in the cluster. When reading from RAPI, the drained nodes
are considered offline so that we don't allocate on them too.

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