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1 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
2 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
3 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
4 fdb85e3d Bernardo Dal Seno
# Copyright (C) 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Google Inc.
5 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
6 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
7 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
8 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
9 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
# (at your option) any later version.
10 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
11 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
12 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
# WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
14 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
# General Public License for more details.
15 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
16 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
17 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
# along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
18 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
# Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA
19 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
# 02110-1301, USA.
20 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
21 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
22 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
"""Tool to upgrade the configuration file.
23 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
24 a421fdeb Iustin Pop
This code handles only the types supported by simplejson. As an
25 a421fdeb Iustin Pop
example, 'set' is a 'list'.
26 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
27 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
28 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
29 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
30 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
import os
31 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
import os.path
32 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
import sys
33 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
import optparse
34 eda37a5a Michael Hanselmann
import logging
35 7939f60c Michael Hanselmann
import time
36 7939f60c Michael Hanselmann
from cStringIO import StringIO
37 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
38 95e4a814 Michael Hanselmann
from ganeti import constants
39 95e4a814 Michael Hanselmann
from ganeti import serializer
40 319856a9 Michael Hanselmann
from ganeti import utils
41 f97c7901 Michael Hanselmann
from ganeti import cli
42 a421fdeb Iustin Pop
from ganeti import bootstrap
43 ac4d25b6 Iustin Pop
from ganeti import config
44 011974df Michael Hanselmann
from ganeti import netutils
45 09bf5d24 Michael Hanselmann
from ganeti import pathutils
46 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
47 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
48 319856a9 Michael Hanselmann
options = None
49 319856a9 Michael Hanselmann
args = None
50 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
51 6f285030 Iustin Pop
52 93fd9bb1 Iustin Pop
#: Target major version we will upgrade to
53 93fd9bb1 Iustin Pop
54 93fd9bb1 Iustin Pop
#: Target minor version we will upgrade to
55 1fe10404 Klaus Aehlig
56 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
#: Target major version for downgrade
57 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
58 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
#: Target minor version for downgrade
59 1fe10404 Klaus Aehlig
60 93fd9bb1 Iustin Pop
61 93fd9bb1 Iustin Pop
62 319856a9 Michael Hanselmann
class Error(Exception):
63 319856a9 Michael Hanselmann
  """Generic exception"""
64 319856a9 Michael Hanselmann
65 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
66 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
67 eda37a5a Michael Hanselmann
def SetupLogging():
68 eda37a5a Michael Hanselmann
  """Configures the logging module.
69 eda37a5a Michael Hanselmann
70 eda37a5a Michael Hanselmann
71 eda37a5a Michael Hanselmann
  formatter = logging.Formatter("%(asctime)s: %(message)s")
72 eda37a5a Michael Hanselmann
73 eda37a5a Michael Hanselmann
  stderr_handler = logging.StreamHandler()
74 eda37a5a Michael Hanselmann
75 eda37a5a Michael Hanselmann
  if options.debug:
76 eda37a5a Michael Hanselmann
77 eda37a5a Michael Hanselmann
  elif options.verbose:
78 eda37a5a Michael Hanselmann
79 eda37a5a Michael Hanselmann
80 011974df Michael Hanselmann
81 eda37a5a Michael Hanselmann
82 eda37a5a Michael Hanselmann
  root_logger = logging.getLogger("")
83 eda37a5a Michael Hanselmann
84 eda37a5a Michael Hanselmann
85 eda37a5a Michael Hanselmann
86 eda37a5a Michael Hanselmann
87 011974df Michael Hanselmann
def CheckHostname(path):
88 011974df Michael Hanselmann
  """Ensures hostname matches ssconf value.
89 011974df Michael Hanselmann
90 011974df Michael Hanselmann
  @param path: Path to ssconf file
91 011974df Michael Hanselmann
92 011974df Michael Hanselmann
93 011974df Michael Hanselmann
  ssconf_master_node = utils.ReadOneLineFile(path)
94 011974df Michael Hanselmann
  hostname = netutils.GetHostname().name
95 011974df Michael Hanselmann
96 011974df Michael Hanselmann
  if ssconf_master_node == hostname:
97 011974df Michael Hanselmann
    return True
98 011974df Michael Hanselmann
99 011974df Michael Hanselmann
  logging.warning("Warning: ssconf says master node is '%s', but this"
100 011974df Michael Hanselmann
                  " machine's name is '%s'; this tool must be run on"
101 011974df Michael Hanselmann
                  " the master node", ssconf_master_node, hostname)
102 011974df Michael Hanselmann
  return False
103 011974df Michael Hanselmann
104 3c286190 Dimitris Aragiorgis
105 e94fc80c Bernardo Dal Seno
def _FillIPolicySpecs(default_ipolicy, ipolicy):
106 e94fc80c Bernardo Dal Seno
  if "minmax" in ipolicy:
107 41044e04 Bernardo Dal Seno
    for (key, spec) in ipolicy["minmax"][0].items():
108 41044e04 Bernardo Dal Seno
      for (par, val) in default_ipolicy["minmax"][0][key].items():
109 e94fc80c Bernardo Dal Seno
        if par not in spec:
110 e94fc80c Bernardo Dal Seno
          spec[par] = val
111 e94fc80c Bernardo Dal Seno
112 e94fc80c Bernardo Dal Seno
113 e94fc80c Bernardo Dal Seno
def UpgradeIPolicy(ipolicy, default_ipolicy, isgroup):
114 0b94cda8 Bernardo Dal Seno
  minmax_keys = ["min", "max"]
115 0b94cda8 Bernardo Dal Seno
  if any((k in ipolicy) for k in minmax_keys):
116 0b94cda8 Bernardo Dal Seno
    minmax = {}
117 0b94cda8 Bernardo Dal Seno
    for key in minmax_keys:
118 0b94cda8 Bernardo Dal Seno
      if key in ipolicy:
119 e94fc80c Bernardo Dal Seno
        if ipolicy[key]:
120 e94fc80c Bernardo Dal Seno
          minmax[key] = ipolicy[key]
121 0b94cda8 Bernardo Dal Seno
        del ipolicy[key]
122 e94fc80c Bernardo Dal Seno
    if minmax:
123 41044e04 Bernardo Dal Seno
      ipolicy["minmax"] = [minmax]
124 e94fc80c Bernardo Dal Seno
  if isgroup and "std" in ipolicy:
125 e94fc80c Bernardo Dal Seno
    del ipolicy["std"]
126 e94fc80c Bernardo Dal Seno
  _FillIPolicySpecs(default_ipolicy, ipolicy)
127 0b94cda8 Bernardo Dal Seno
128 0b94cda8 Bernardo Dal Seno
129 58bf877f Dimitris Aragiorgis
def UpgradeNetworks(config_data):
130 58bf877f Dimitris Aragiorgis
  networks = config_data.get("networks", None)
131 58bf877f Dimitris Aragiorgis
  if not networks:
132 58bf877f Dimitris Aragiorgis
    config_data["networks"] = {}
133 58bf877f Dimitris Aragiorgis
134 58bf877f Dimitris Aragiorgis
135 0b94cda8 Bernardo Dal Seno
def UpgradeCluster(config_data):
136 0b94cda8 Bernardo Dal Seno
  cluster = config_data.get("cluster", None)
137 0b94cda8 Bernardo Dal Seno
  if cluster is None:
138 0b94cda8 Bernardo Dal Seno
    raise Error("Cannot find cluster")
139 e94fc80c Bernardo Dal Seno
  ipolicy = cluster.setdefault("ipolicy", None)
140 0b94cda8 Bernardo Dal Seno
  if ipolicy:
141 e94fc80c Bernardo Dal Seno
    UpgradeIPolicy(ipolicy, constants.IPOLICY_DEFAULTS, False)
142 0b94cda8 Bernardo Dal Seno
143 0b94cda8 Bernardo Dal Seno
144 58bf877f Dimitris Aragiorgis
def UpgradeGroups(config_data):
145 e94fc80c Bernardo Dal Seno
  cl_ipolicy = config_data["cluster"].get("ipolicy")
146 58bf877f Dimitris Aragiorgis
  for group in config_data["nodegroups"].values():
147 58bf877f Dimitris Aragiorgis
    networks = group.get("networks", None)
148 58bf877f Dimitris Aragiorgis
    if not networks:
149 58bf877f Dimitris Aragiorgis
      group["networks"] = {}
150 0b94cda8 Bernardo Dal Seno
    ipolicy = group.get("ipolicy", None)
151 0b94cda8 Bernardo Dal Seno
    if ipolicy:
152 e94fc80c Bernardo Dal Seno
      if cl_ipolicy is None:
153 e94fc80c Bernardo Dal Seno
        raise Error("A group defines an instance policy but there is no"
154 e94fc80c Bernardo Dal Seno
                    " instance policy at cluster level")
155 e94fc80c Bernardo Dal Seno
      UpgradeIPolicy(ipolicy, cl_ipolicy, True)
156 58bf877f Dimitris Aragiorgis
157 011974df Michael Hanselmann
158 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
def GetExclusiveStorageValue(config_data):
159 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
  """Return a conservative value of the exclusive_storage flag.
160 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
161 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
  Return C{True} if the cluster or at least a nodegroup have the flag set.
162 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
163 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
164 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
  ret = False
165 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
  cluster = config_data["cluster"]
166 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
  ndparams = cluster.get("ndparams")
167 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
  if ndparams is not None and ndparams.get("exclusive_storage"):
168 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
    ret = True
169 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
  for group in config_data["nodegroups"].values():
170 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
    ndparams = group.get("ndparams")
171 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
    if ndparams is not None and ndparams.get("exclusive_storage"):
172 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
      ret = True
173 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
  return ret
174 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
175 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
176 f032d55c Dimitris Aragiorgis
def UpgradeInstances(config_data):
177 f032d55c Dimitris Aragiorgis
  network2uuid = dict((n["name"], n["uuid"])
178 f032d55c Dimitris Aragiorgis
                      for n in config_data["networks"].values())
179 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
  if "instances" not in config_data:
180 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
    raise Error("Can't find the 'instances' key in the configuration!")
181 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
182 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
  missing_spindles = False
183 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
  for instance, iobj in config_data["instances"].items():
184 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
    for nic in iobj["nics"]:
185 f032d55c Dimitris Aragiorgis
      name = nic.get("network", None)
186 f032d55c Dimitris Aragiorgis
      if name:
187 f032d55c Dimitris Aragiorgis
        uuid = network2uuid.get(name, None)
188 f032d55c Dimitris Aragiorgis
        if uuid:
189 f032d55c Dimitris Aragiorgis
          print("NIC with network name %s found."
190 f032d55c Dimitris Aragiorgis
                " Substituting with uuid %s." % (name, uuid))
191 f032d55c Dimitris Aragiorgis
          nic["network"] = uuid
192 f032d55c Dimitris Aragiorgis
193 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
    if "disks" not in iobj:
194 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
      raise Error("Instance '%s' doesn't have a disks entry?!" % instance)
195 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
    disks = iobj["disks"]
196 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
    for idx, dobj in enumerate(disks):
197 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
      expected = "disk/%s" % idx
198 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
      current = dobj.get("iv_name", "")
199 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
      if current != expected:
200 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
        logging.warning("Updating iv_name for instance %s/disk %s"
201 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
                        " from '%s' to '%s'",
202 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
                        instance, idx, current, expected)
203 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
        dobj["iv_name"] = expected
204 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
      if not "spindles" in dobj:
205 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
        missing_spindles = True
206 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
207 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
  if GetExclusiveStorageValue(config_data) and missing_spindles:
208 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
    # We cannot be sure that the instances that are missing spindles have
209 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
    # exclusive storage enabled (the check would be more complicated), so we
210 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
    # give a noncommittal message
211 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
    logging.warning("Some instance disks could be needing to update the"
212 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
                    " spindles parameter; you can check by running"
213 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
                    " 'gnt-cluster verify', and fix any problem with"
214 c69b147d Bernardo Dal Seno
                    " 'gnt-cluster repair-disk-sizes'")
215 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
216 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
217 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
def UpgradeRapiUsers():
218 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
  if (os.path.isfile(options.RAPI_USERS_FILE_PRE24) and
219 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
      not os.path.islink(options.RAPI_USERS_FILE_PRE24)):
220 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
    if os.path.exists(options.RAPI_USERS_FILE):
221 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
      raise Error("Found pre-2.4 RAPI users file at %s, but another file"
222 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
                  " already exists at %s" %
223 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
                  (options.RAPI_USERS_FILE_PRE24, options.RAPI_USERS_FILE))
224 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno"Found pre-2.4 RAPI users file at %s, renaming to %s",
225 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
                 options.RAPI_USERS_FILE_PRE24, options.RAPI_USERS_FILE)
226 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
    if not options.dry_run:
227 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
      utils.RenameFile(options.RAPI_USERS_FILE_PRE24, options.RAPI_USERS_FILE,
228 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
                       mkdir=True, mkdir_mode=0750)
229 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
230 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
  # Create a symlink for RAPI users file
231 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
  if (not (os.path.islink(options.RAPI_USERS_FILE_PRE24) or
232 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
           os.path.isfile(options.RAPI_USERS_FILE_PRE24)) and
233 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
234 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno"Creating symlink from %s to %s",
235 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
                 options.RAPI_USERS_FILE_PRE24, options.RAPI_USERS_FILE)
236 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
    if not options.dry_run:
237 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
      os.symlink(options.RAPI_USERS_FILE, options.RAPI_USERS_FILE_PRE24)
238 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
239 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
240 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
def UpgradeWatcher():
241 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
  # Remove old watcher state file if it exists
242 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
  if os.path.exists(options.WATCHER_STATEFILE):
243 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno"Removing watcher state file %s", options.WATCHER_STATEFILE)
244 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
    if not options.dry_run:
245 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
246 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
247 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
248 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
def UpgradeFileStoragePaths(config_data):
249 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
  # Write file storage paths
250 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
  if not os.path.exists(options.FILE_STORAGE_PATHS_FILE):
251 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
    cluster = config_data["cluster"]
252 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
    file_storage_dir = cluster.get("file_storage_dir")
253 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
    shared_file_storage_dir = cluster.get("shared_file_storage_dir")
254 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
    del cluster
255 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
256 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno"Ganeti 2.7 and later only allow whitelisted directories"
257 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
                 " for file storage; writing existing configuration values"
258 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
                 " into '%s'",
259 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
260 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
261 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
    if file_storage_dir:
262 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno"File storage directory: %s", file_storage_dir)
263 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
    if shared_file_storage_dir:
264 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno"Shared file storage directory: %s",
265 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
266 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
267 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
    buf = StringIO()
268 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
    buf.write("# List automatically generated from configuration by\n")
269 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
    buf.write("# cfgupgrade at %s\n" % time.asctime())
270 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
    if file_storage_dir:
271 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
      buf.write("%s\n" % file_storage_dir)
272 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
    if shared_file_storage_dir:
273 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
      buf.write("%s\n" % shared_file_storage_dir)
274 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
275 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
276 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
277 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
278 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
279 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
280 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
281 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
def GetNewNodeIndex(nodes_by_old_key, old_key, new_key_field):
282 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
  if old_key not in nodes_by_old_key:
283 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
    logging.warning("Can't find node '%s' in configuration, assuming that it's"
284 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
                    " already up-to-date", old_key)
285 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
    return old_key
286 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
  return nodes_by_old_key[old_key][new_key_field]
287 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
288 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
289 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
def ChangeNodeIndices(config_data, old_key_field, new_key_field):
290 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
  def ChangeDiskNodeIndices(disk):
291 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
    if disk["dev_type"] in constants.LDS_DRBD:
292 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
      for i in range(0, 2):
293 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
        disk["logical_id"][i] = GetNewNodeIndex(nodes_by_old_key,
294 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
295 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
296 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
    if "children" in disk:
297 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
      for child in disk["children"]:
298 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
299 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
300 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
  nodes_by_old_key = {}
301 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
  nodes_by_new_key = {}
302 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
  for (_, node) in config_data["nodes"].items():
303 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
    nodes_by_old_key[node[old_key_field]] = node
304 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
    nodes_by_new_key[node[new_key_field]] = node
305 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
306 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
  config_data["nodes"] = nodes_by_new_key
307 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
308 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
  cluster = config_data["cluster"]
309 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
  cluster["master_node"] = GetNewNodeIndex(nodes_by_old_key,
310 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
311 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
312 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
313 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
  for inst in config_data["instances"].values():
314 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
    inst["primary_node"] = GetNewNodeIndex(nodes_by_old_key,
315 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
316 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
317 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
    for disk in inst["disks"]:
318 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
319 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
320 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
321 4d33e134 Thomas Thrainer
def ChangeInstanceIndices(config_data, old_key_field, new_key_field):
322 4d33e134 Thomas Thrainer
  insts_by_old_key = {}
323 4d33e134 Thomas Thrainer
  insts_by_new_key = {}
324 4d33e134 Thomas Thrainer
  for (_, inst) in config_data["instances"].items():
325 4d33e134 Thomas Thrainer
    insts_by_old_key[inst[old_key_field]] = inst
326 4d33e134 Thomas Thrainer
    insts_by_new_key[inst[new_key_field]] = inst
327 4d33e134 Thomas Thrainer
328 4d33e134 Thomas Thrainer
  config_data["instances"] = insts_by_new_key
329 4d33e134 Thomas Thrainer
330 4d33e134 Thomas Thrainer
331 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
def UpgradeNodeIndices(config_data):
332 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
  ChangeNodeIndices(config_data, "name", "uuid")
333 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
334 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
335 4d33e134 Thomas Thrainer
def UpgradeInstanceIndices(config_data):
336 4d33e134 Thomas Thrainer
  ChangeInstanceIndices(config_data, "name", "uuid")
337 4d33e134 Thomas Thrainer
338 4d33e134 Thomas Thrainer
339 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
def UpgradeAll(config_data):
340 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
  config_data["version"] = constants.BuildVersion(TARGET_MAJOR,
341 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
                                                  TARGET_MINOR, 0)
342 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
343 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
344 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
345 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
346 0b94cda8 Bernardo Dal Seno
347 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
348 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
349 b555101c Thomas Thrainer
350 4d33e134 Thomas Thrainer
351 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
352 f032d55c Dimitris Aragiorgis
353 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
def DowngradeAll(config_data):
354 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
  # Any code specific to a particular version should be labeled that way, so
355 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
  # it can be removed when updating to the next version.
356 77018a43 Michele Tartara
  config_data["version"] = constants.BuildVersion(DOWNGRADE_MAJOR,
357 77018a43 Michele Tartara
                                                  DOWNGRADE_MINOR, 0)
358 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
359 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
360 6d691282 Michael Hanselmann
def main():
361 6d691282 Michael Hanselmann
  """Main program.
362 6d691282 Michael Hanselmann
363 6d691282 Michael Hanselmann
364 b459a848 Andrea Spadaccini
  global options, args # pylint: disable=W0603
365 6d691282 Michael Hanselmann
366 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
  # Option parsing
367 95e4a814 Michael Hanselmann
  parser = optparse.OptionParser(usage="%prog [--debug|--verbose] [--force]")
368 3ccb3a64 Michael Hanselmann
  parser.add_option("--dry-run", dest="dry_run",
369 60edf71e Michael Hanselmann
370 f4bc1f2c Michael Hanselmann
                    help="Try to do the conversion, but don't write"
371 f4bc1f2c Michael Hanselmann
                         " output file")
372 f97c7901 Michael Hanselmann
373 eda37a5a Michael Hanselmann
374 9cdb9578 Iustin Pop
375 011974df Michael Hanselmann
  parser.add_option("--ignore-hostname", dest="ignore_hostname",
376 011974df Michael Hanselmann
                    action="store_true", default=False,
377 011974df Michael Hanselmann
                    help="Don't abort if hostname doesn't match")
378 3ccb3a64 Michael Hanselmann
  parser.add_option("--path", help="Convert configuration in this"
379 09bf5d24 Michael Hanselmann
                    " directory instead of '%s'" % pathutils.DATA_DIR,
380 09bf5d24 Michael Hanselmann
                    default=pathutils.DATA_DIR, dest="data_dir")
381 7939f60c Michael Hanselmann
382 7939f60c Michael Hanselmann
                    help=("Use this directory instead of '%s'" %
383 7939f60c Michael Hanselmann
384 7939f60c Michael Hanselmann
                    default=pathutils.CONF_DIR, dest="conf_dir")
385 02e1292d Michael Hanselmann
386 02e1292d Michael Hanselmann
                    help="Do not verify configuration after upgrade",
387 02e1292d Michael Hanselmann
                    action="store_true", dest="no_verify", default=False)
388 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
389 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
                    help="Downgrade to the previous stable version",
390 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
                    action="store_true", dest="downgrade", default=False)
391 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
  (options, args) = parser.parse_args()
392 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
393 ac4d25b6 Iustin Pop
  # We need to keep filenames locally because they might be renamed between
394 ac4d25b6 Iustin Pop
  # versions.
395 0cddd44d Iustin Pop
  options.data_dir = os.path.abspath(options.data_dir)
396 ac4d25b6 Iustin Pop
  options.CONFIG_DATA_PATH = options.data_dir + "/"
397 ac4d25b6 Iustin Pop
  options.SERVER_PEM_PATH = options.data_dir + "/server.pem"
398 ac4d25b6 Iustin Pop
  options.KNOWN_HOSTS_PATH = options.data_dir + "/known_hosts"
399 ac4d25b6 Iustin Pop
  options.RAPI_CERT_FILE = options.data_dir + "/rapi.pem"
400 b6267745 Andrea Spadaccini
  options.SPICE_CERT_FILE = options.data_dir + "/spice.pem"
401 b6267745 Andrea Spadaccini
  options.SPICE_CACERT_FILE = options.data_dir + "/spice-ca.pem"
402 fdd9ac5b Michael Hanselmann
  options.RAPI_USERS_FILE = options.data_dir + "/rapi/users"
403 fdd9ac5b Michael Hanselmann
  options.RAPI_USERS_FILE_PRE24 = options.data_dir + "/rapi_users"
404 6b7d5878 Michael Hanselmann
  options.CONFD_HMAC_KEY = options.data_dir + "/hmac.key"
405 fc0726b9 Michael Hanselmann
  options.CDS_FILE = options.data_dir + "/cluster-domain-secret"
406 011974df Michael Hanselmann
  options.SSCONF_MASTER_NODE = options.data_dir + "/ssconf_master_node"
407 a292020f Michael Hanselmann
  options.WATCHER_STATEFILE = options.data_dir + "/"
408 7939f60c Michael Hanselmann
  options.FILE_STORAGE_PATHS_FILE = options.conf_dir + "/file-storage-paths"
409 ac4d25b6 Iustin Pop
410 eda37a5a Michael Hanselmann
411 eda37a5a Michael Hanselmann
412 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
  # Option checking
413 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
  if args:
414 95e4a814 Michael Hanselmann
    raise Error("No arguments expected")
415 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
  if options.downgrade and not options.no_verify:
416 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
    options.no_verify = True
417 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
418 011974df Michael Hanselmann
  # Check master name
419 011974df Michael Hanselmann
  if not (CheckHostname(options.SSCONF_MASTER_NODE) or options.ignore_hostname):
420 011974df Michael Hanselmann
    logging.error("Aborting due to hostname mismatch")
421 011974df Michael Hanselmann
422 011974df Michael Hanselmann
423 319856a9 Michael Hanselmann
  if not options.force:
424 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
    if options.downgrade:
425 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
      usertext = ("The configuration is going to be DOWNGRADED to version %s.%s"
426 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
                  " Some configuration data might be removed if they don't fit"
427 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
                  " in the old format. Please make sure you have read the"
428 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
                  " upgrade notes (available in the UPGRADE file and included"
429 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
                  " in other documentation formats) to understand what they"
430 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
                  " are. Continue with *DOWNGRADING* the configuration?" %
431 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
432 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
433 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
      usertext = ("Please make sure you have read the upgrade notes for"
434 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
                  " Ganeti %s (available in the UPGRADE file and included"
435 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
                  " in other documentation formats). Continue with upgrading"
436 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
                  " configuration?" % constants.RELEASE_VERSION)
437 f97c7901 Michael Hanselmann
    if not cli.AskUser(usertext):
438 a9221f09 Michael Hanselmann
439 319856a9 Michael Hanselmann
440 95e4a814 Michael Hanselmann
  # Check whether it's a Ganeti configuration directory
441 ac4d25b6 Iustin Pop
  if not (os.path.isfile(options.CONFIG_DATA_PATH) and
442 30acff6c Michael Hanselmann
          os.path.isfile(options.SERVER_PEM_PATH) and
443 ac4d25b6 Iustin Pop
444 a9221f09 Michael Hanselmann
    raise Error(("%s does not seem to be a Ganeti configuration"
445 ac4d25b6 Iustin Pop
                 " directory") % options.data_dir)
446 95e4a814 Michael Hanselmann
447 7939f60c Michael Hanselmann
  if not os.path.isdir(options.conf_dir):
448 7939f60c Michael Hanselmann
    raise Error("Not a directory: %s" % options.conf_dir)
449 7939f60c Michael Hanselmann
450 11c31f5c Michael Hanselmann
  config_data = serializer.LoadJson(utils.ReadFile(options.CONFIG_DATA_PATH))
451 a421fdeb Iustin Pop
452 11c31f5c Michael Hanselmann
453 11c31f5c Michael Hanselmann
    config_version = config_data["version"]
454 11c31f5c Michael Hanselmann
  except KeyError:
455 11c31f5c Michael Hanselmann
    raise Error("Unable to determine configuration version")
456 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
457 11c31f5c Michael Hanselmann
  (config_major, config_minor, config_revision) = \
458 11c31f5c Michael Hanselmann
459 319856a9 Michael Hanselmann
460 11c31f5c Michael Hanselmann"Found configuration version %s (%d.%d.%d)",
461 11c31f5c Michael Hanselmann
               config_version, config_major, config_minor, config_revision)
462 319856a9 Michael Hanselmann
463 11c31f5c Michael Hanselmann
  if "config_version" in config_data["cluster"]:
464 11c31f5c Michael Hanselmann
    raise Error("Inconsistent configuration: found config_version in"
465 11c31f5c Michael Hanselmann
                " configuration file")
466 95e4a814 Michael Hanselmann
467 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
  # Downgrade to the previous stable version
468 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
  if options.downgrade:
469 f2e4363c Michele Tartara
    if not ((config_major == TARGET_MAJOR and config_minor == TARGET_MINOR) or
470 f2e4363c Michele Tartara
            (config_major == DOWNGRADE_MAJOR and
471 f2e4363c Michele Tartara
             config_minor == DOWNGRADE_MINOR)):
472 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
      raise Error("Downgrade supported only from the latest version (%s.%s),"
473 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
                  " found %s (%s.%s.%s) instead" %
474 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
                  (TARGET_MAJOR, TARGET_MINOR, config_version, config_major,
475 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
                   config_minor, config_revision))
476 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
477 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
478 ea2ee4b0 Michele Tartara
  # Upgrade from 2.{0..7} to 2.9
479 ea2ee4b0 Michele Tartara
  elif config_major == 2 and config_minor in range(0, 10):
480 aeb0c953 Michael Hanselmann
    if config_revision != 0:
481 a9221f09 Michael Hanselmann
      logging.warning("Config revision is %s, not 0", config_revision)
482 bb553e5a Bernardo Dal Seno
483 904910c4 Iustin Pop
484 93fd9bb1 Iustin Pop
  elif config_major == TARGET_MAJOR and config_minor == TARGET_MINOR:
485 a9221f09 Michael Hanselmann"No changes necessary")
486 a9221f09 Michael Hanselmann
487 a9221f09 Michael Hanselmann
488 a9221f09 Michael Hanselmann
    raise Error("Configuration version %d.%d.%d not supported by this tool" %
489 a9221f09 Michael Hanselmann
                (config_major, config_minor, config_revision))
490 aeb0c953 Michael Hanselmann
491 11c31f5c Michael Hanselmann
492 11c31f5c Michael Hanselmann"Writing configuration file to %s", options.CONFIG_DATA_PATH)
493 11c31f5c Michael Hanselmann
494 11c31f5c Michael Hanselmann
495 11c31f5c Michael Hanselmann
496 11c31f5c Michael Hanselmann
497 11c31f5c Michael Hanselmann
498 a421fdeb Iustin Pop
499 a421fdeb Iustin Pop
    if not options.dry_run:
500 5ae4945a Iustin Pop
501 5ae4945a Iustin Pop
        False, False, False, False, False,
502 5ae4945a Iustin Pop
503 5ae4945a Iustin Pop
504 5ae4945a Iustin Pop
505 5ae4945a Iustin Pop
506 5ae4945a Iustin Pop
507 5ae4945a Iustin Pop
508 aeb0c953 Michael Hanselmann
509 a9221f09 Michael Hanselmann
  except Exception:
510 11c31f5c Michael Hanselmann
    logging.critical("Writing configuration failed. It is probably in an"
511 95e4a814 Michael Hanselmann
                     " inconsistent state and needs manual intervention.")
512 95e4a814 Michael Hanselmann
513 0006af7d Michael Hanselmann
514 ac4d25b6 Iustin Pop
  # test loading the config file
515 fdb85e3d Bernardo Dal Seno
  all_ok = True
516 02e1292d Michael Hanselmann
  if not (options.dry_run or options.no_verify):
517 ac4d25b6 Iustin Pop"Testing the new config file...")
518 ac4d25b6 Iustin Pop
    cfg = config.ConfigWriter(cfg_file=options.CONFIG_DATA_PATH,
519 959b6fe5 Apollon Oikonomopoulos
520 ac4d25b6 Iustin Pop
521 ac4d25b6 Iustin Pop
    # if we reached this, it's all fine
522 ac4d25b6 Iustin Pop
    vrfy = cfg.VerifyConfig()
523 ac4d25b6 Iustin Pop
    if vrfy:
524 ac4d25b6 Iustin Pop
      logging.error("Errors after conversion:")
525 ac4d25b6 Iustin Pop
      for item in vrfy:
526 07b8a2b5 Iustin Pop
        logging.error(" - %s", item)
527 fdb85e3d Bernardo Dal Seno
      all_ok = False
528 fdb85e3d Bernardo Dal Seno
529 fdb85e3d Bernardo Dal Seno"File loaded successfully after upgrading")
530 ac4d25b6 Iustin Pop
    del cfg
531 ac4d25b6 Iustin Pop
532 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
  if options.downgrade:
533 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
    action = "downgraded"
534 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
    out_ver = "%s.%s" % (DOWNGRADE_MAJOR, DOWNGRADE_MINOR)
535 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
536 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
    action = "upgraded"
537 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
    out_ver = constants.RELEASE_VERSION
538 fdb85e3d Bernardo Dal Seno
  if all_ok:
539 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
    cli.ToStderr("Configuration successfully %s to version %s.",
540 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
                 action, out_ver)
541 fdb85e3d Bernardo Dal Seno
542 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
    cli.ToStderr("Configuration %s to version %s, but there are errors."
543 1709435e Bernardo Dal Seno
                 "\nPlease review the file.", action, out_ver)
544 66a66fa7 Michael Hanselmann
545 6d691282 Michael Hanselmann
546 6d691282 Michael Hanselmann
if __name__ == "__main__":
547 6d691282 Michael Hanselmann