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# Date Author Comment
20a32e74 02/13/2012 03:23 pm Michael Hanselmann

opcodes: Add comments to two parameter tests

These comments appear in the RAPI documentation.

Signed-off-by: Michael Hanselmann <>
Reviewed-by: Iustin Pop <>

631aedf9 02/01/2012 10:24 am Michael Hanselmann

Re-added constant mistakenly removed in 58f0ce16873

“INSTANCE_DOWN” is still being used.

Signed-off-by: Michael Hanselmann <>
Reviewed-by: René Nussbaumer <>

f0fd35b1 02/01/2012 10:11 am René Nussbaumer

rapi.client: Removing constants not needed anymore

They were not referenced through the whole code and were marked internal

Signed-off-by: René Nussbaumer <>
Reviewed-by: Michael Hanselmann <>

ddc1de7c 02/01/2012 08:24 am Michael Hanselmann

Add stricter checks for OpInstanceSetParams.{nics,disks}

Signed-off-by: Michael Hanselmann <>
Reviewed-by: René Nussbaumer <>

ff8067cf 02/01/2012 08:24 am Michael Hanselmann

Add ht.TMaybeListOf type check

Replaces some uses of TOr(TNone, TListOf(…)).

Signed-off-by: Michael Hanselmann <>
Reviewed-by: René Nussbaumer <>

8f227489 02/01/2012 08:24 am Michael Hanselmann

Stricter check for OS modifications passed to OpClusterSetParams

Don't just check the first element of each item, but also make sure the
OS name is a string and not empty.

Signed-off-by: Michael Hanselmann <>
Reviewed-by: René Nussbaumer <>

58f0ce16 02/01/2012 08:19 am Michael Hanselmann

LUInstanceSetParams: Allow no-op change of instance offline status

With this patch marking an instance already marked offline (or online)
as offline/online again becomes a no-op. Also removed the unused
INSTANCE_UP variable.

Signed-off-by: Michael Hanselmann <>...

3016bc1f 01/31/2012 07:44 am Michael Hanselmann

OpInstanceSetParams: Merge {off,on}line_inst parameters

Instead of having two separate parameters, a single boolean parameter is
used. Unfortunately we need a third state to say “no change”, so the
value can be None, True or False (similar to other parameters). There...

784b6603 01/27/2012 05:44 pm René Nussbaumer

ipolicy: Make the keys of the dict consistent

Signed-off-by: René Nussbaumer <>
Reviewed-by: Guido Trotter <>
Reviewed-by: Iustin Pop <>

827ac163 01/27/2012 04:56 pm Guido Trotter

N+1: verify using minimum memory

Since instances can be started, failed over and migrated with less than
their maximum memory N+1 will use the minimum memory for verification.

Note that this accounts only for the instances being moved being
resized, and not for the ones already on the node, as ganeti will not...

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