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f86e82ef 11/16/2008 08:24 am Iustin Pop

Add a cluster architecture diagram

This adds a simple diagram for the cluster architecture and also adds a
dependency on graphviz (both doc and in configure).

Reviewed-by: imsnah

d128fdb6 07/15/2008 04:23 pm Iustin Pop

Add apidoc makefile target

The patch adds the apidoc target and the epydoc config file for it. Note
that this is for epydoc 3.0 and that it will put the docs into

The patch also adds a new .gitignore rule for the auto-generated rapi

60053f31 07/01/2008 02:55 pm Iustin Pop

Update .gitignore

Reviwed-by: imsnah

7a47c582 06/24/2008 05:30 pm Iustin Pop

Add a .gitignore file

This makes it easier to setup new git repositories, and makes it more
likely all people have the same ignore rules.

Reviewed-by: imsnah