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Revision 5c3b5f99


Added by Guido Trotter over 14 years ago

Merge branch 'branch-2.1' into feature/containers

  • branch-2.1:
    Hypervisors: make absolute path checking strict
    Add utils.IsNormAbsPath function
    Convert instance reinstall to multi instance model
    gnt-instance batch-create: use the job executor
    Modify cli.JobExecutor to use SubmitManyJobs
    KVM: add the network script to the ancillary files
    Xen: add ancillary files
    _RedistributeAncillaryFiles: add hypervisor files
    _RedistributeAncillaryFiles function
    Remove the HTS_COPY_VNC_PASSWORD constant/feature
    KVM: replace hardcoded network script path
    Add a luxi call for multi-job submit


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