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d17e74b4 05/12/2009 02:29 pm Iustin Pop

Switch the documentation to sphinx

This big patch converts the documentation build system to sphinx
( Since that uses reStructuredText sources
too, there is no change (yet) in the documents themselves, just in the
build system.

2ab2b9f5 04/07/2009 02:53 pm Iustin Pop

Distribute built documentation

This patch changes the way documentation is built in order to distribute
the generated output in the 'dist' archive, and thus no longer
requiring the presence of the docbook/rst toolchains during build time.
This will lower the requirements for installation and also makes the...

04be7ec6 02/16/2009 02:16 pm Guido Trotter

DEVNOTES: we have no --enable-rapi anymore

Remove it from the suggested development ./configure line

Reviewed-by: iustinp

f86e82ef 11/16/2008 08:24 am Iustin Pop

Add a cluster architecture diagram

This adds a simple diagram for the cluster architecture and also adds a
dependency on graphviz (both doc and in configure).

Reviewed-by: imsnah

b2fc7ea1 09/30/2008 06:01 pm Michael Hanselmann

Add list of build dependencies

Reviewed-by: iustinp

e50c3a9e 08/25/2008 05:57 pm Michael Hanselmann

Use python2.4 when developing

Reviewed-by: ultrotter

081242d8 07/11/2008 05:44 pm Michael Hanselmann

Fix rapi documentation

As a nice side-effect this also fixes "make distcheck".

The way used to include the generated rapi-resources.sgml file only
works if it's built in the same directory. That's not the case during
"make distcheck". The patch changes the sed script used for variables...

832aef24 10/10/2007 01:09 pm Michael Hanselmann

Add preliminary developer notes.

Reviewed-by: iustinp