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1 bae27f68 Iustin Pop
Version 1.2.3
2 bae27f68 Iustin Pop
  - more tweaks to the disk activation code (especially helpful for DRBD)
3 bae27f68 Iustin Pop
  - change the default ‘gnt-instance list’ output format, now there is
4 bae27f68 Iustin Pop
    one combined status field (see the manpage for the exact values this
5 bae27f68 Iustin Pop
    field will have)
6 bae27f68 Iustin Pop
  - some more fixes for the mac export to hooks change
7 bae27f68 Iustin Pop
  - make Ganeti not break with DRBD 8.2.x (which changed the version
8 bae27f68 Iustin Pop
    format in /proc/drbd) (issue 24)
9 bae27f68 Iustin Pop
  - add an upgrade tool from ‘remote_raid1’ disk template to ‘drbd’ disk
10 bae27f68 Iustin Pop
    template, allowing migration from DRBD0.7+MD to DRBD8
11 bae27f68 Iustin Pop
12 e709baee Iustin Pop
Version 1.2.2
13 e709baee Iustin Pop
  - fix ‘gnt-instance modify’ breakage introduced in 1.2.1 with the HVM
14 e709baee Iustin Pop
    support (issue 23)
15 e709baee Iustin Pop
  - add command aliases infrastructure and a few aliases
16 e709baee Iustin Pop
  - allow listing of VCPUs in the gnt-instance list and improve the man
17 e709baee Iustin Pop
    pages and the --help option of gnt-node/gnt-instance list
18 e709baee Iustin Pop
  - fix gnt-backup list with down nodes (issue 21)
19 e709baee Iustin Pop
  - change the tools location (move from $pkgdatadir to
20 e709baee Iustin Pop
21 e709baee Iustin Pop
  - fix the dist archive and add a check for including svn/git files in
22 e709baee Iustin Pop
    the future
23 e709baee Iustin Pop
  - some developer-related changes: improve the burnin and the QA
24 e709baee Iustin Pop
    suite, add an upload script for testing during development
25 e709baee Iustin Pop
26 31b9055c Iustin Pop
Version 1.2.1
27 b6f2e47f Iustin Pop
  - experimental HVM support, read the install document, section
28 31b9055c Iustin Pop
    "Initializing the cluster"
29 31b9055c Iustin Pop
  - allow for the PVM hypervisor per-instance kernel and initrd paths
30 31b9055c Iustin Pop
  - add a new command ‘gnt-cluster verify-disks’ which uses a new
31 31b9055c Iustin Pop
    algorithm to improve the reconnection of the DRBD pairs if the
32 31b9055c Iustin Pop
    device on the secondary node has gone away
33 31b9055c Iustin Pop
  - make logical volume code auto-activate LVs at disk activation time
34 31b9055c Iustin Pop
  - slightly improve the speed of activating disks
35 31b9055c Iustin Pop
  - allow specification of the MAC address at instance creation time,
36 31b9055c Iustin Pop
    and changing it later via ‘gnt-instance modify’
37 31b9055c Iustin Pop
  - fix handling of external commands that generate lots of output on
38 31b9055c Iustin Pop
39 31b9055c Iustin Pop
  - update documentation with regard to minimum version of DRBD8
40 31b9055c Iustin Pop
41 31b9055c Iustin Pop
42 ce628bb4 Iustin Pop
Version 1.2.0
43 ce628bb4 Iustin Pop
  - Log the ‘xm create’ output to the node daemon log on failure (to
44 ce628bb4 Iustin Pop
    help diagnosing the error)
45 ce628bb4 Iustin Pop
  - In debug mode, log all external commands output if failed to the
46 ce628bb4 Iustin Pop
47 ce628bb4 Iustin Pop
  - Change parsing of lvm commands to ignore stderr
48 ce628bb4 Iustin Pop
49 3d492b09 Iustin Pop
Version 1.2b3
50 3d492b09 Iustin Pop
  - Another round of updates to the DRBD 8 code to deal with more
51 3d492b09 Iustin Pop
    failures in the replace secondary node operation
52 3d492b09 Iustin Pop
  - Some more logging of failures in disk operations (lvm, drbd)
53 3d492b09 Iustin Pop
  - A few documentation updates
54 3d492b09 Iustin Pop
  - QA updates
55 3d492b09 Iustin Pop
56 6c4811dc Iustin Pop
Version 1.2b2
57 6c4811dc Iustin Pop
  - Change configuration file format from Python's Pickle to JSON.
58 97a37b3f Michael Hanselmann
    Upgrading is possible using the cfgupgrade utility.
59 6c4811dc Iustin Pop
  - Add support for DRBD 8.0 (new disk template `drbd`) which allows for
60 6c4811dc Iustin Pop
    faster replace disks and is more stable (DRBD 8 has many
61 6c4811dc Iustin Pop
    improvements compared to DRBD 0.7)
62 6c4811dc Iustin Pop
  - Added command line tags support (see man pages for gnt-instance,
63 6c4811dc Iustin Pop
    gnt-node, gnt-cluster)
64 6c4811dc Iustin Pop
  - Added instance rename support
65 6c4811dc Iustin Pop
  - Added multi-instance startup/shutdown
66 6c4811dc Iustin Pop
  - Added cluster rename support
67 6c4811dc Iustin Pop
  - Added `gnt-node evacuate` to simplify some node operations
68 6c4811dc Iustin Pop
  - Added instance reboot operation that can speedup reboot as compared
69 6c4811dc Iustin Pop
    to stop and start
70 6c4811dc Iustin Pop
  - Soften the requirement that hostnames are in FQDN format
71 6c4811dc Iustin Pop
  - The ganeti-watcher now activates drbd pairs after secondary node
72 6c4811dc Iustin Pop
73 6c4811dc Iustin Pop
  - Removed dependency on debian's patched fping that uses the
74 6c4811dc Iustin Pop
    non-standard -S option
75 6c4811dc Iustin Pop
  - Now the OS definitions are searched for in multiple, configurable
76 6c4811dc Iustin Pop
    paths (easier for distros to package)
77 6c4811dc Iustin Pop
  - Some changes to the hooks infrastructure (especially the new
78 6c4811dc Iustin Pop
    post-configuration update hook)
79 6c4811dc Iustin Pop
  - Other small bugfixes