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cefd4a4a 12/12/2012 02:09 pm Michele Tartara

Add shelltests for the mon-collector

This commit adds shelltests for the mon-collector binary and for the DRBD
data collector.

Also, it fixes a small bug in the DRBD parser found thanks to the tests.

Signed-off-by: Michele Tartara <>...

9de303af 12/03/2012 12:45 pm Michele Tartara

Add unit tests for the JSON serialization of DRBD status

The serialization itself is done by Text.JSON, so the tests deal with checking
that Text.JSON objects are created correctly from the DRBD parser data

Signed-off-by: Michele Tartara <>...

2188740e 12/03/2012 12:45 pm Michele Tartara

Add JSON serialization capabilities for DRBD status

The serialized JSON is not a 1:1 dump of the data structures
populated by the parser. This is done intentionally, with the
aim of producing a more stable and more meaningful output to
be used by the (future) monitoring agent and stand-alone data...

fd80be11 11/27/2012 12:06 pm Michele Tartara

Small improvements to the DRBD parser and tests

  • Now the parser completely consumes the input, up to the end of the text.
  • Name of the test suite module changed to adhere to naming conventions.
  • Some reformatting of the source code.

Signed-off-by: Michele Tartara <>...

b22b93dc 11/22/2012 01:56 pm Michele Tartara

Implement the correct handling of numbers without commas

commaInt now recognizes only the first 3 digits for numbers without commas.

It was erroneously recognizing numbers of any size before the first comma.

Signed-off-by: Michele Tartara <>...

3c1915df 11/20/2012 01:02 pm Michele Tartara

Add parser for DRBD /proc file

A new directory for haskell modules about block devices has been created
The parser is divided in two modules:
  • one exports the data types describing the DRBD status
  • one exports the parser itself

Signed-off-by: Michele Tartara <>...