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Latest revisions

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e0eb63f0 04/19/2009 01:17 am Iustin Pop

Implement writing the command list to a script

This patch adds support in hbal for writing the command list to a shell
script, with error checking and allowing for early exit.

3d7cd10b 04/16/2009 12:02 pm Iustin Pop

hbal: Abort for invalid offline node names

Since it's easy to pass a wrong node name as offline, we should abort
instead of silently ignoring it.

c5bd8d89 03/23/2009 09:26 am Iustin Pop

Updated new in preparation for the 0.0.7 release

6ef35e3c 03/23/2009 09:12 am Iustin Pop

More documentation updates

This removes most of the content of the README file (obsoleted by new
algorithm and man pages), modifies the Makefile to include the built
documentation in the source archive (so that haddock/hscolour are not
needed) and updates the haddock-prologue with current information.

d0003b35 03/23/2009 08:58 am Iustin Pop

More man page updates

This moves some data from README to the man pages and has other general

9cded5d3 03/23/2009 12:32 am Iustin Pop

Add checks for missing disk space

This small patch adds disk space checks to the Cluster.checkData
function, and simplifies a little the warning messages.

190ce47c 03/23/2009 12:32 am Iustin Pop

Include DRBD overhead in sda/sdb size

For Ganeti 1.2 which doesn't have the ‘disk_usage’ instance query field,
we need to manually include the DRBD overhead (per disk). This patch
modifies the RAPI collection to do this, but loading from disk does not
as it's unknown if the query came from hscan or RAPI 1.2 or RAPI 2.0...

d2ac5526 03/23/2009 12:12 am Iustin Pop

Documentation updates

This patch adds a man page for hscan and updates the README and other
man pages with the latest changes.

0ee8fd76 03/22/2009 11:33 pm Iustin Pop

Update all needed node fields on f_mem change

This fixes the setFmem function which didn't compute other related
fields after free memory change. Ideally, this should be abstracted so
that add/remove Pri and similar functions could reuse it instead of
duplicating code.

53f00b20 03/22/2009 12:40 pm Iustin Pop

Fix interaction between down instances and nodes

If an instance is down, it's memory is not reflected in the node used
memory, and thus the node free memory is higher than the actual value.
This patch deducts the memory for such instances from the node free...

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