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1 9b1e1cc9 Iustin Pop
This is the internal documentation for ganeti-htools, a couple of
2 9b1e1cc9 Iustin Pop
small tools for Ganeti cluster analysis.
3 e4f08c46 Iustin Pop
4 6ef35e3c Iustin Pop
The "Ganeti.HTools.Cluster" module is the one holding most high-level
5 6ef35e3c Iustin Pop
logic, the "Ganeti.HTools.Node" and "Ganeti.HTools.Instance" modules
6 6ef35e3c Iustin Pop
hold the model for nodes and instances respectively, while the
7 6ef35e3c Iustin Pop
"Ganeti.HTools.Rapi" contains the RAPI collector.