From 04/08/2010 to 05/07/2010


09:20 pm Revision 564eaa79: Release 0.4
Lance Albertson
09:14 pm Revision 251bf5a4: update documentation
Lance Albertson
07:48 pm Revision be751693: switch default image type to dump
Lance Albertson
07:04 pm Revision c40fd6ae: misc fixes to grub settings
* Fix the CMDLINE code for grub2 so that you can add additional arguments later
* Enable showing of the hidden menu i...
Lance Albertson
06:53 pm Revision c838e846: Add partial grub2 support
We still cannot run update-grub inside of the chroot so all the settings we
changed will not be updated. Running upda...
Lance Albertson


02:22 am Revision 3e1d9348: Release 0.3.1
Lance Albertson
02:07 am Revision 1c571a34: sync filesystems prior to umounting
There's an annoying upstream bug with ext4 currently that makes umount's take a
long time to complete [1]. Its also g...
Lance Albertson
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