# Date Author Comment
9de1ad3b 10/06/2011 11:32 am Nikos Skalkotos

Fix a bug in hostname hook

992241a7 10/06/2011 11:32 am Nikos Skalkotos

Update the AUTHORS file

489cbbdf 09/16/2011 01:45 pm Nikos Skalkotos

Add an image file existence check

eb591cce 09/12/2011 05:18 pm Constantinos Venetsanopoulos

Remove duplicate data in debian package

29a4e94d 09/12/2011 05:02 pm Constantinos Venetsanopoulos

Change package source name

af36730c 09/12/2011 03:47 pm Constantinos Venetsanopoulos

Change debian package name

Change debian package name to snf-ganeti-instance-image

67767406 09/12/2011 11:13 am Nikos Skalkotos

Fix typo in input option

812acd5c 09/12/2011 10:55 am Nikos Skalkotos

Rename root_passwd hook to passwd

The new name is better, since this hook also updates user passwords in
some cases.

9ecbf7ad 09/12/2011 10:13 am Nikos Skalkotos

Change tabs to spaces in newly added comments

a7fb0e60 09/09/2011 03:42 pm Constantinos Venetsanopoulos

Use direct I/O when copying the image with dd

Deploying an image file on a target block device is a streaming
copy operation. Enable the direct I/O flag on the output fd to
avoid polluting the host cache with useless data.

b1aa6976 09/07/2011 06:07 pm Nikos Skalkotos


  • Make the program output simple error messages instead of exeption
    when fatal errors occur.
  • Let the Option Parser deal with incorrect option values.
  • Since the password is alway needed, make it an input argument instead...
8fd0a36c 09/07/2011 05:49 pm Nikos Skalkotos

Do not setup fstab on extdump images

2fdc766d 09/06/2011 05:24 pm Constantinos Venetsanopoulos

Make debian package arch independent

  • Fix debian/rules file
  • Adjust architecture to 'all' in debian/control
d4d9f7c9 09/06/2011 01:23 pm Nikos Skalkotos

Set default value for SWAP variable to `no'

0f5ad407 09/06/2011 01:20 pm Nikos Skalkotos

Merge branch 'win-support' of into win-support

18b32a21 09/06/2011 01:17 pm Nikos Skalkotos

Fix the default value for INSTALL_MBR in

The default value was errorously hard-coded to install_mbr instead of

8094a2f2 09/06/2011 01:14 pm Nikos Skalkotos

Set x86_64 as the default value for ARCH

4fc88242 09/05/2011 07:02 pm Nikos Skalkotos

Fix grub installation when using a swap partition

a5a25498 09/05/2011 06:13 pm Constantinos Venetsanopoulos

Debian packaging `rules' file improvements

15c4714a 09/05/2011 05:40 pm Constantinos Venetsanopoulos

Fixes in debian packaging

  • Add the source/format file (3.0 native)
  • Switch from deprecated dh_clean -k to dh_prep
ab9b1a53 09/05/2011 05:18 pm Constantinos Venetsanopoulos

Make all installed hooks executable in deb package

ad156497 09/05/2011 04:39 pm Constantinos Venetsanopoulos

Revert previous commit 914161e5ef

914161e5 09/05/2011 04:01 pm Constantinos Venetsanopoulos

Minor fix in debian/rules

ca359e81 09/05/2011 03:55 pm Constantinos Venetsanopoulos

Preserve the NEWS file even thought it's empty

2c5ce19f 09/05/2011 03:48 pm Constantinos Venetsanopoulos

Debian package shouldn't include the COPYING file

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