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Added by Nikos Skalkotos almost 11 years ago

Fix autotools building system

  • A part of the building system is rewritten. The common.sh file
    shouldn't be created during the execution of the configuration script.
    In this phase, directory output variables are not expanded. Variables
    like `datarootdir' are expanded to `${prefix}/share', not
    `/usr/local/share' making the file unusable. As the official autoconf
    manual prescribes, we shoud let `make' manage the replacement of those
    variables in shell scripts and other files.
  • Add a -f option in the ln command that created the link of
    variants.list in os-dir. Without this, `make install' creates an error
    if the link is already present.
  • Correct the default path messages in configure's --with-foo options
  • Prefix ${srcdir}/ in all dist_ files to make the package support
    seperated builds (run the configure script from a different directory).


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