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47c86659 06/15/2011 06:51 pm Nikos Skalkotos

Added --disable-windows-support flag in configure

This is convinient since we introduced a new program dependency
(xmlstrlet) in ganeti-instance-image which is only needed for Windows.
xmlstrlet will be used by the Windows hooks to change setup options in...

2222beb0 06/14/2011 10:39 am Nikos Skalkotos

Fixed a bug in a function

Function windows_filesystem_check() was empty causing a syntax error in
bash. Added a dummy echo line to overcame this...

a33d2ab2 06/10/2011 11:36 am Nikos Skalkotos

Added basic windows support

Added support for windows disk partitioning and ntfsclone's special
image format. A hook was also added that installs a valid MBR capable of
booting windows partitions.