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8727c57d 11/25/2010 04:40 am Lance Albertson

Ticket #219: Add NOMOUNT option to allow Windows install

Use included patch but extend to import, export, and rename scripts. For now
rename does nothing since we have no way of knowing what the image might be
(windows, linux, etc).

6fc42d4e 04/03/2010 02:14 am Lance Albertson

check to make sure the device actually exists

494927a8 02/11/2010 12:07 am Lance Albertson

Fix dynamic partition to use its own function

I discovered that bash wasn't setting the environment variables correctly and
realized I need to refactor how I do this. Now I have a map_partition to figure
out the exact path for a specific partition.

NOTE: fstabs are currently broken because of this addition

77449e7c 02/10/2010 08:12 pm Lance Albertson

Add optional support for no /boot partition

Allow for more flexibility for which partitions you need or what. It will allow
for four different partition layouts depending on whether you want a swap
partition or booting a kernel outside of the VM.

Also merge the partition mapping for root_dev, boot_dev, & swap_dev entirely...

1b617fb5 02/06/2010 01:42 am Lance Albertson

Create temp directory for dumps

8d72e8d8 02/06/2010 01:30 am Lance Albertson

Switch to having dump compress the images on the fly, fix a few bugs too

39b1484a 02/05/2010 11:56 pm Lance Albertson

Improve and fix import/export to using separate dump files and tar

Also condense the code some more and reduce redundancy.

4bafe20b 02/05/2010 07:52 pm Lance Albertson

Don't format the disk during an export (mis-paste on my part)

dfec2908 02/05/2010 02:39 am Lance Albertson

Add error checking to ensure we have filesystem types

e7a2d1ad 02/05/2010 01:59 am Lance Albertson

Refactor debugging code to be saner and actually work

6f0a1fef 02/04/2010 08:05 pm Lance Albertson

Move debug check until after we've sourced

74eea044 02/04/2010 02:08 am Lance Albertson

Go ahead and assume that dump will accept ext4. It will fail anyways if it can't

fe46a148 02/04/2010 12:11 am Lance Albertson

Add support for export

8d0132dc 11/24/2009 02:51 am Lance Albertson

Check for various important programs and set variables for them

79224631 11/24/2009 02:15 am Lance Albertson

Import from instance-debootstrap 17b5b2da0