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c40fd6ae 05/07/2010 07:04 pm Lance Albertson

misc fixes to grub settings

  • Fix the CMDLINE code for grub2 so that you can add additional arguments later
  • Enable showing of the hidden menu in grub2 so we can choose other kernels more easily
  • Add ability to add artibrary kernel boot args from a variant file...
c838e846 05/07/2010 06:53 pm Lance Albertson

Add partial grub2 support

We still cannot run update-grub inside of the chroot so all the settings we
changed will not be updated. Running update-grub after the instance is online
should fix this issue. I plan to open a bug to try and get this fixed upstream...

add6b6bf 04/01/2010 12:42 am Lance Albertson

fix typo

2566fc23 04/01/2010 12:38 am Lance Albertson

rename directory to hooks to line up with upstream

a04a3ce8 04/01/2010 12:30 am Lance Albertson

Fix typoes and missing closing fi's

276c74b6 03/31/2010 03:20 am Lance Albertson

Add support for setting IPs statically

c2fca018 03/09/2010 09:15 pm Lance Albertson

Fix logic for when to install grub

1c9956c3 03/09/2010 07:47 pm Lance Albertson

disable grub2 support for now until a solution is found

8000c2d8 03/09/2010 02:49 am Lance Albertson

fix logic for when to install grub

07d32070 02/14/2010 12:39 am Lance Albertson

Fix grub installs for 2.x

  • Add functions for setting up grub devices in the chroot, and adding the file
  • Dynamically set the boot and root partition numbers since it changes
    depending on the layout
  • Add file for grub-2.x so that it works correctly

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