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de32ceea 02/10/2010 02:35 am Lance Albertson

Adjust logic for when to setup grub

Deciding when to setup grub is a pain depending on several situations. If
you're using tarball, you may or may not use a kernel outside of the
install. But if you're importing/exporting, you are still in a similar
situation. This logic should fix it hopefully.

99cc268e 02/06/2010 01:01 am Lance Albertson

Fix logic which determines when to run grub by default

e7a2d1ad 02/05/2010 01:59 am Lance Albertson

Refactor debugging code to be saner and actually work

08abb89f 02/04/2010 08:07 pm Lance Albertson

Move "main" actions below the functions so they know what they are

39855ac4 02/04/2010 02:08 am Lance Albertson

Setup grub (if enabled) during an import

f6f223b8 02/03/2010 11:30 pm Lance Albertson

Move OS detection to to make it portable for other scripts

Also refactor how we use it in interfaces

e0f1ce56 02/03/2010 11:09 pm Lance Albertson

code cleanup, remove bits we don't use from the debootstrap import

f1afb4b1 02/03/2010 08:23 pm Lance Albertson

Add OSU Copyright headers

c6253116 02/03/2010 08:19 pm Lance Albertson

Force exit on error

6af8a040 02/03/2010 08:19 pm Lance Albertson

Don't remove keys if deploying a debian based image

Debian generates the host keys during the install phase and the init script
doesn't regenerate them if they don't exist and fail. So skip it for now on
these types of systems.

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