From 02/13/2012 to 03/13/2012


04:26 pm Revision c4922a05: Fix personality in server create
Giorgos Verigakis
04:25 pm Revision 3a074de0: Improve error reporting in astakos
Giorgos Verigakis


05:08 pm Revision cb813272: Integrate glance into image
Remove glance command group. Giorgos Verigakis
04:23 pm Revision 43ca98ee: Add support for Astakos API
Add "astakos authenticate" command Giorgos Verigakis


07:53 pm Revision 2bcb595a: Add a store list command
Giorgos Verigakis
07:51 pm Revision 77eaa0be: Use self instead of cls in update_parser
update_parser is no longer a class method. Giorgos Verigakis


03:35 pm Revision b80abb0c: Use 0600 permissions for the config file
Refs #1961 Giorgos Verigakis
02:51 pm Revision cd75ff39: Update image client to the new infrastructure
Delete obsolete HTTPClient. Giorgos Verigakis


07:51 pm Revision 6a0b1658: Refactored networking
Adds requests dependency. Giorgos Verigakis


01:28 pm Revision 486f00d3: Use built-in OrderedDict if available
Giorgos Verigakis
01:28 pm Revision f3ddb705: Configuration and CLI updates
* New configuration mechanism
* Refactored CLI
* Added clint dependency
Giorgos Verigakis


04:29 pm Revision c4ab2af9: Send the correct order of hashes
Giorgos Verigakis
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