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1ad949a7 11/21/2013 05:37 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Implement Network floatingips

Refs: #4546

379c36a8 11/21/2013 01:32 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Fix typo (network type is network not compute)

ec5d658f 11/19/2013 06:18 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Move thread control to threaded commands

Refs: #4616, #4617

Remove max_theads from config, move control to threaded commands as --threads
Set default MAX_THREADS to 1

515634db 11/14/2013 11:47 am Dionysis Grigoropoulos

Fix a bug in port create

  • Fix a bug in port create, that prevented the creation of a port
2c3671ff 11/11/2013 03:34 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Simplify image shared

b7d79306 11/08/2013 02:02 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Add fixed_ips in post create

Refs: #4563

737995ed 11/07/2013 04:56 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Add name to port create

Refs: #4563

ccdd1b82 11/07/2013 12:41 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Create port_creates extention (cyclaes) and expose

Refs: #4563

45cb7f88 11/06/2013 07:16 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Cancel previous commit

9e04242a 11/06/2013 07:16 pm Stavros Sachtouris

One-byte typo

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