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392d902d 12/12/2013 02:56 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Rename foo --> func everywhere

36cb577e 12/12/2013 01:12 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Rename astakosclients to give astakosclient 2 divs

Refs: #4752

Renames in kamaki.clients.astakos:
AstakosClient --> CachedAstakosClient
SynefoAstakosClientOrig --> AstakosClient

a4986073 12/04/2013 04:14 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Adjust setup

Refs: #4692

c22183b9 12/02/2013 06:25 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Allow kamaki-shell to ignore unrecognized commands

54b7c1de 12/02/2013 05:52 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Create a kamaki-shell command for kamaki shell

Refs: #4612

fcd0f53d 11/28/2013 03:00 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Merge branch 'feature-naming-scheme' into develop


ec5d658f 11/19/2013 06:18 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Move thread control to threaded commands

Refs: #4616, #4617

Remove max_theads from config, move control to threaded commands as --threads
Set default MAX_THREADS to 1

320af781 11/18/2013 12:22 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Move all argument related syntax help in Arguments

Refs: #4596

56d84a4e 11/15/2013 06:14 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Syntax check required arguments (incomplete)

Refs: #4596

2d1f5058 10/31/2013 03:38 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Remove token from history

Refs: #4479

fa7d08b6 10/30/2013 05:36 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Implement user session commands for kamaki

Refs: #4340

cabc72ae 10/14/2013 11:19 am Stavros Sachtouris

Cache user_catalogs requests, new methods for that

Refs: #4337

New methods: uuids2usernames, usernames2uuids
Keep post_user_catalogs for bw comp.

5e4a0bb9 10/03/2013 11:37 am Stavros Sachtouris

Fix pep8 error

534e7bbb 10/02/2013 05:40 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Remove reference to Config.get/set_global

16d7b9ff 09/26/2013 02:14 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Update and correct kamaki.clients documentation

f6822a26 09/24/2013 06:13 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Take care of the documentation (except developers)

db03f805 09/17/2013 02:40 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Make authentication lazy

Refs: #4300

Authentication (a.k.a. POST /tokens) is performed only if needed, therefore a
syntax query will not request for authentication.

A new method is introduced in kamaki.cli: init_chached_authenticator. This
method authenticated the resolved URL and TOKEN....

3185cd6d 09/11/2013 05:55 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Remove builtin.print up to history

Refs: #4292

f1d06d74 09/10/2013 01:21 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Create logger before help message

38db356b 09/09/2013 03:15 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Restore backwards compatibility for image register

Refs: Bug #4276

New format:

/image register Name container:path/to/image

Old format:

/image register Name pithos://user-uuid/container/path/to/image

Now, the old format is also recognized. It is planed to be depricated in a...

f5ff79d9 09/06/2013 12:29 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Prepend log_settings to auth_client init

5506d7aa 08/07/2013 04:23 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Let users know if a cmd grp _cli fails

a7aacf12 07/16/2013 06:22 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Complete ConfigArgument testing

Refs: #4058

d252a7a8 07/15/2013 05:16 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Fully test CommandTree

Refs: #4058

eb46e9a1 07/12/2013 02:50 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Spot and remove unused Command methods

320aac17 07/08/2013 02:21 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Exclude unset optional cmd groups

Refs: #4114

E.g. the cyclades spec package contains the non-optional group "server" and
the optional group "floatingip". Now kamaki can load only the "server"
group, except if the user requests the loading of "floatingip" group too.

6a2a28bd 06/28/2013 02:58 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Add name and uuid of session user to shell greet

Refs: 3632

dc897a7e 06/28/2013 01:57 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Allow multiple tokens per cloud configuration

Refs: #3632

7b2e4bf1 06/26/2013 04:47 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Make wait mechanism usble by more cyclades methods

Refs: #3867

b4ed3a7e 06/17/2013 04:34 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Rename: scenarios-->examples, add first content

- configuration section, with clouds
- Simple listing
- Pithos advanced listing

fa382f9e 06/14/2013 05:51 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Fix deprecated terms in documentation

df0045d8 06/13/2013 06:37 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Fix all minor typos and modifications in tests

69691087 06/12/2013 05:32 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Do not suggest ansicolors if colors == off

Refs: #3978

44101d8a 06/12/2013 05:00 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Updagrade error message for multiple clouds

Refs: #3979

c825ddc9 06/12/2013 04:55 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Use the default_cloud global option

Refs: #3934 #3979

144b3551 06/12/2013 03:02 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Change term "remote" to "cloud" when proper

Refs: #3934

904091dd 06/11/2013 07:27 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Adjust docs to cover multiple clouds functionality

This commit server as a backup mostly, since the adjustments are not yet
applied to docs/commands and all docs/developers kamaki guides.

844a6bdb 06/06/2013 01:32 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Adjust config cli commands to serve remotes

Refs: #3934

config set remote.smth.option value
inserts option=value in remote smth
config get remote.smth
lists the contents (key=val) of remote smth
config delete remote.smth.option
deletes this specific option from the remote smth...

362adf50 06/05/2013 07:00 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Decide a cloud term, use it if no cloud.url

Refs: #3934

ce9ccb40 06/05/2013 03:43 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Implement remotes support in Config and cli init

Refs: #3934

In Config:

Simplify guess_version heuristics (check if the following exist:
global.url/token, remote-defaults)
Trasnlate files 'remote "name"' to 3-level dict and back
Implement rescue_old_file to convert config files to v3.0...

14b9a185 06/04/2013 06:44 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Plan Config changes (rescue_old_file, translates)

Refs: #3934

rescue_old_file: mines info from old config file to use them in new file
remote "smth" --> 'remote': {'smth': ...
global.{url, token} --> remote.default.{url, token}
<command>.cli --> global.command_cli...

3f0eae61 06/04/2013 06:11 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Implement the Config.guess_version method

8cec3671 06/03/2013 02:22 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Use explicitely set services urls if no auth_url

Refs: #3874

In current configuration, kamaki checks for auth_url. If that fails,
it raises an error. If it is not set, it prints a warning and attempts
to read the <service>.url option from the configuration file....

cb4a5d9c 06/03/2013 12:58 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Implement --cloud arg to switch between clouds

Refs: #3913

Config file can (optionaly) contain:

example =
old_version =

Now, user can explicitely request for a remote cloud authentication URI:...

f724cd35 05/31/2013 05:37 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Get endpoint urls for all CLI operations

Refs: #3874

Use kamaki.clients.astakos.AstakosClient as a cached astakos client to get
user information and, most importantly, endpoints. Allow users to authenticate
multiple tokens on the same session. In every session there must be at most...

334338ce 05/13/2013 02:13 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Raise a descriptive error for misconfigured cmds

Refs: #3663

A command group that is declared in the config file is not supported
by valid command specification code or the specification code is not
pointed at by <command>.cli configure variable

58850eb0 05/13/2013 12:55 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Log initial call arguments in first log

7637d600 05/10/2013 07:24 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Move logger module to kamaki.cli

9dc724e5 05/10/2013 05:38 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Allow activation/deactivation of specific loggers

refs: #3715
Logger settings are not aborted and will be restored at deactivation

Also, remove all logger creation functionality from kamaki.clients
A file or stream logger should be created an the kamaki.clients caller side...

6e1f863b 05/09/2013 07:18 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Use < and > in stream logger for send/recv resp.

9986e569 05/09/2013 07:06 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Globalize logger usage

Unsolved bug: redudant info in logfile

f47417e7 04/12/2013 01:14 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Pametrize log file, make it globaly available

Kamaki logger module is now available to both cli and clients packages
Users may set the log_file option in configuration file
kamaki config set log_file ...

Support #3441

6fb4af77 03/04/2013 06:55 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Suggest ansicolors, progress when missing (#3367)

2005b18e 02/11/2013 05:42 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Fix some more pep8 issues, more later

24ff0a35 02/11/2013 05:19 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Fix pep8 compliance issues everywhere

de73876b 02/08/2013 07:25 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Attempt to pep8-fix some source files

1a3c18fd 01/17/2013 01:32 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Add include option to control conn-content print

af569ab9 01/03/2013 02:30 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Catch and handle KeyboardInterrupt in shell

2703cceb 12/20/2012 05:06 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Formated output in long command description

66f1ff99 12/19/2012 02:22 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Test pretty error details with container-not-found

2fbca093 12/19/2012 12:29 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Show long description in all places it could be

a71bb904 12/18/2012 06:12 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Show long description if available

b6a99832 12/18/2012 05:44 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Restructure interface code

451a7992 12/17/2012 07:33 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Allow general options to run a@ initial kamaki

kamaki -v runs a kamaki shell with verbose on!

aa5c0458 12/17/2012 07:11 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Propagate warning-logging

db8d1766 12/17/2012 06:44 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Introduce warning logger

08c63ef5 12/10/2012 04:40 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Pretty print_list

4f989909 12/10/2012 04:14 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Fix unwanted error-detail inheritance bug

6069b53b 12/07/2012 04:05 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Trace errors in cli.commands mechanism-not prpgtd

074f5027 12/06/2012 04:50 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Propagate-debug changes for shell + debug

ee4c47d7 12/06/2012 03:36 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Cleanup deprecated method in argument

7c2247a0 12/06/2012 02:25 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Propagate-debug changes for one-cmd

b3dd8f4b 12/06/2012 01:22 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Design ArgumentParseManager, implement fnctionlity

7dbd52f5 12/06/2012 12:23 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Create ArgumentParseManager, with init

constructor replaces init_parser,
update_parser member method replaces upadte_argument (not tested)

e0da0f90 12/06/2012 12:21 pm Stavros Sachtouris

rid of init_parser

2b74ab4a 11/19/2012 06:23 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Unittest parallel server creation

e9a92550 11/19/2012 04:42 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Fix config-forget bug

e9533b0c 11/16/2012 04:04 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Fix multi-cmd _best_match bug

834200da 11/15/2012 06:07 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Access top-level commands from anywhere in shell

Execs top-level commands but doesn't roll back correctly

d53062bd 11/15/2012 02:27 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Modify history commands

75c3fc42 11/15/2012 01:50 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Fix new deep-level bug in shell

87565d2c 11/14/2012 05:04 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Colors off if stdout is not a tty

71882bca 11/14/2012 03:10 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Apply total error handling

4f6a21f6 11/14/2012 02:14 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Colors are off by default

d486baec 11/14/2012 01:38 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Complete UI/cli interface refactoring, minor bugs

af6de846 11/09/2012 03:45 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Start refactoring main CLI

- cleaner cli load-point code
- move more argument logic to argument module
- move command loading to the seperate service cli modules:
each command spec module will provide a mechanism for loading
command interfaces (all of them or specific cmds)

062b1d0a 11/09/2012 01:44 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Extract json-encoded error info in clients

6cdfdcf3 11/09/2012 01:11 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Minor improvements to server_wait behavior

d07b3796 11/08/2012 05:29 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Fix bug with deep-pathed commands

FEATURE: subcommands of a callable command are not allowed. e.g.:

if the following exist as callable commands:

then cmd1_cmd2 is resolved, but cmd1_cmd2_cmd3 is not

UNFIXED: There is still a case of syntax-error or --help call where the best...

0238c167 11/06/2012 07:08 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Propagate error handling corrections up to CLIs

e02728f9 11/02/2012 07:28 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Use standard threading instead of gevent/greenlets

gevent depedency is not needed after that

3dabe5d2 11/02/2012 01:16 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Make all source pep8 compliant

fd5db045 10/31/2012 07:02 pm Stavros Sachtouris

pep8 part of kamaki (from root to cli)

67cea04c 10/29/2012 04:11 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Set colors off by default

ce48608f 10/16/2012 04:22 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Kamaki now has interactive shell + minor fixes

b9331a9f 10/15/2012 04:32 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Seperate shell from one-command cli

629adab4 10/12/2012 06:13 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Various behavioral fixes

05f5f380 10/12/2012 03:06 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Error details in default error message

ffaf6783 10/12/2012 02:57 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Shell can run cmds with args ony from context

1002315e 10/11/2012 06:38 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Multilevel command names and one-level api calls