What is Mupy?

Mupy is a Munin Python Parser. It is written in Python and is powered by Django framework.
Its functionality is pretty straightforward. It parses the HTML DOM of a munin site, stores the graphable
data into a db and provides a friendly user interface for retrieving munin graphs.

Munin version compatibility

Mupy was built on Munin version 1.4.5, though compatibility with the latest version of Munin will be soon available.

Installation Requirements

Mupy's installation and operation depends on the following modules/packages

  • python-django (>=1.2.3)
  • python-mysqldb
  • python-ldap (if ldap user auth is needed)
  • python-beautifulsoup4
  • memcached


  1. Untar the package to your desired location, copy,, apache/django.wsgi.dist to local files ommiting dist and edit and apache/django.wsgi according to your needs. Pay special attention to:
    MUNIN_URL : url that munin welcome page lives, eg. ""
    MUNIN_CGI_PATH : if images are updated frequently (without the need to visit) then set the cgi path here, eg. "cgi-bin/munin-cgi-graph/"
  2. To serve via Apache (static files), create an alias for the static dir in your apache conf and a WSGI script alias eg.
    Alias /static /<installation_location>/mupy/static
    WSGIScriptAlias / /<installation_location>/mupy/apache/django.wsgi
  3. Run syncdb and create an admin user. Admin users have permissions to all nodegroups/nodes/graphs
  4. Run ./ parse_munin to parse the MUNIN_URL and store data into db
  5. Restart Apache (or "touch apache/django.wsgi") and enjoy

mupy_logo.png (258 kB) Leonidas Poulopoulos, 07/09/2012 04:24 pm