From 06/09/2011 to 07/08/2011


11:48 pm Revision 877f6f58: bug fixes
Adam Menz
05:01 pm Revision 969195cf: fixed Honeycomb specific bugs
Adam Menz
03:07 am Revision 84383007: Merge pull request #4 from patchorang/experimental
several new features Michael Mayo


07:25 pm Revision 3e180b04: bug fixes
Adam Menz


07:14 pm Revision e6c34a0f: bug fixes
Adam Menz
05:45 pm Revision 0aa9f57a: Merge branch 'folders' into experimental
Adam Menz
05:37 pm Revision a06c1add: directory structure in files in fully functional
Adam Menz


09:26 pm Revision a7d1fdc2: folders for cloud files are now working as well as their function,
and persist through configuration changes Adam Menz


10:43 pm Revision 085332e1: Merge branch 'resize' into experimental
Adam Menz
10:34 pm Revision 984acda7: can now create multiple servers at once
Adam Menz
09:30 pm Revision 3ea9d68e: partial progress on folders working with orentation changes
Adam Menz


08:59 pm Revision 51fdecfb: Added a confirm resize activity to allow the user to confirm/rollback
their resize. Also the ability to refresh ViewServerActivity Adam Menz
05:55 pm Revision 697895bc: working on allowing filenames with spaces to be downloaded
Adam Menz
04:48 pm Revision 006434d8: fixed issue #1 on github, also added some support for file names with
non url safe characters (still in progress) Adam Menz


09:03 pm Revision 9d849a44: fixed the layout of cnd settings
Adam Menz
07:49 pm Revision 32731215: Merge branch 'object_details' into experimental
and some xlarge layouts
and detailed error handling in place
Adam Menz


06:58 pm Revision f00e3176: Merge branch 'contact_and_password' into experimental
Adam Menz
06:47 pm Revision 98e73ed2: fixing for rebase:
Adam Menz
06:16 pm Revision 5656caee: error checking for download/external storage in ContainerObjectDetails
Adam Menz
05:37 pm Revision f39579c4: fixed bug on viewserveractivity page
Adam Menz


11:11 pm Revision 9548973b: fixed bugs caused from serval requests sent quickly
Adam Menz
05:15 pm Revision e7534f91: Fixed activity lifecycle management issues and removed background logo
from ViewServerActivity Adam Menz


10:24 pm Revision 51938302: temporary fix for non modifying tasks
Adam Menz
12:51 am Revision cc71758a: using droidfu for asynctask in order to resovle orentation issue
Adam Menz


06:24 pm Revision 0ae79b26: added images to the contact page and app password protection
is fully functioning Adam Menz


06:50 pm Revision 40b5f2c1: Merge pull request #3 from patchorang/experimental
Several New Features Michael Mayo


07:56 pm Revision 2c815395: small bug fixes
Adam Menz
06:51 pm Revision e9feb464: Contact rackspace support fully implemented
Adam Menz
04:31 pm Revision f2323921: Partial addition of an ability to contact rackspace through the app
Adam Menz
12:26 am Revision 44ac7bea: working on bugs with screen orientation changes - no resolved
Adam Menz


07:50 pm Revision d3ea294b: supports adding folders and fixed bugs with deleting files/folders
Adam Menz


10:22 pm Revision 37a14877: Added support for folders in Cloud files
Adam Menz


09:21 pm Revision c16dc9e7: added folder support cloud file
it now appears as a directory and you can move
in and out of folders
Adam Menz


09:44 pm Revision d88d3ae1: Created popups that display when a user performs a task to
inform then that it started. Also fixed bugs. Adam Menz
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