From 10/14/2012 to 11/12/2012


03:28 pm Bug #3055 (New): Selecting any file on the list results in an FC
The client FC's when any file is selected.
The following is a filtered result of the log:
11-12 15:14:27.335 E/...
Giorgos Pantazis
03:13 pm Bug #3054 (New): Folders show 0 byte size
The folders in the container browser show a 0 byte size.
Since these objects cant have a size the labe...
Giorgos Pantazis
03:11 pm Bug #3053 (New): Change of wording in the New Account option
The user has 2 choices:
New Account & Pithos+ Login
Single option that brings a new panel with:
Giorgos Pantazis
03:06 pm Bug #3052 (New): Default Provider is Rackspace
Te default provider in adding an account is Rackspace.
Expected: Default provider should be Pithos +
Giorgos Pantazis
03:05 pm Bug #3051 (New): Invalid token cannot be updated
The user has to remove his account and re add it when the token is invalid Giorgos Pantazis
03:05 pm Bug #3050 (New): Loading Status is offcenter on the x
The Loading status is center on the %y but not on the %x Giorgos Pantazis
03:03 pm Bug #3049 (New): User is not informed that his token is invalid
If an invalid token is found the user is presented with the following error:
Error in
Giorgos Pantazis
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