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b2436f98 01/13/2012 04:40 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

some fixes in metadata list

da02192c 01/13/2012 04:10 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

do not allow download on folders, use shared query for my shared

74c976a0 01/13/2012 03:15 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

hide some menu options, query with prefix for container objects, save metadata

05a718db 01/13/2012 03:15 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

hide some menu options, query with prefix for container objects, save metadata

53026239 01/12/2012 06:14 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

add permissions/metadata

1634500c 01/12/2012 05:47 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

add metadata fix

bd384c08 01/12/2012 04:59 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

add metadata

cabcecb2 01/12/2012 04:59 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

do not exit list if navigating myshared

db9092dd 01/12/2012 04:59 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

icon fixes

9c4430bd 01/12/2012 03:32 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

fix donwload file task

802fbd9e 01/11/2012 07:25 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

upload files from sdcard

fbe4e332 01/11/2012 07:25 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

enable account addition

5d668a55 01/10/2012 04:15 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

do login from web creating account if account does not exist

c7568f5c 01/10/2012 04:15 pm Giannis Koutsoubos


fbe9be48 01/10/2012 02:25 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

remove anything not relevant to cloud files

d37efce5 01/10/2012 02:12 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

display versions of object

732d9c2c 01/09/2012 03:02 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

tabview in object details, show metadata and permissions, add/delete group

c99967ba 01/04/2012 04:31 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

initial support for displaying metadata

856ad13d 01/02/2012 04:12 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

activities to display my shared, others, groups

ef6fa21a 12/22/2011 03:27 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

display MyShared

d81b2ba1 12/22/2011 02:00 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

only show cloud files activity

66ea047a 12/22/2011 01:51 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

correctly handle folders

9c74202f 12/22/2011 01:46 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

fix empty data

7dbfc514 12/21/2011 04:07 pm Giannis Koutsoubos


bd2e8393 12/21/2011 03:56 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

compile fixes

55b9f635 12/21/2011 03:50 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'


038ac9a4 12/21/2011 03:21 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

source formatting

71c27c5a 12/21/2011 03:17 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

isFolder implementation

07c153b1 12/21/2011 03:16 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

display folder name with /, parse public attribute

1fd17f2e 12/21/2011 02:49 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

add and parse pithos+ api specific data

48601850 12/21/2011 02:58 am Mike Mayo

update package info

23cc0515 12/20/2011 01:37 am Adam Menz

Fixed but that caused some images to display as "null"

f3633a16 12/19/2011 06:15 pm Adam Menz

Small bug fixes

6c0d81f1 12/19/2011 01:56 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

do not fail when server urls are not found, use empty lists where no data found, use auth token instead of storage token

697a6784 12/19/2011 01:54 pm Giannis Koutsoubos

changed password for certificate store, constants for auth token, storage token since on pithos auth token is used

5018a7f8 08/10/2011 04:39 pm Adam Menz

improved the GaActivity and added page and event tracking to loadbalancers

71e52c4a 08/08/2011 11:16 pm Adam Menz

bug fixes

1a79c76b 08/08/2011 08:56 pm Adam Menz

made the backup server page sync with control panel

c25e8fa0 08/05/2011 08:13 pm Adam Menz

added access control to load balancers

16615abd 08/04/2011 11:03 pm Adam Menz

added connection throttle to load balancers, and fixed a bug on ListAccountsActivity

b2a2d2f1 08/03/2011 10:11 pm Adam Menz

cleaned up code (made more activities extend cloud(list)activity

4f7b2601 08/03/2011 04:39 pm Adam Menz

Merge branch 'load_balancers-2' into experimental_2


ffd154e6 08/01/2011 10:30 pm Adam Menz

more bug fixes for adding nodes to a lb

6ae5d8db 07/27/2011 10:58 pm Adam Menz

now and enable/disable session persistence and log for a load balancer

403bb53b 07/26/2011 11:09 pm Adam Menz

shared vip now an option when creating load balancer

1b82ddb3 07/25/2011 04:36 pm Adam Menz

small clean up

232548ba 07/21/2011 11:56 pm Adam Menz

clean up

b722cab3 07/21/2011 10:25 pm Adam Menz

added new load balancing features
working now is add/remove lb, add/remove nodes
and edit lb/nodes

4f9d1a69 07/19/2011 04:39 pm Adam Menz

work on modifying a lb, add/modify nodes, edit name/condition

25881fb3 07/14/2011 09:50 pm Adam Menz

modified CustomHttpClient, so Http requests are faster

96a8e632 07/14/2011 08:04 pm Adam Menz

more work done on adding a loadbalancer

639ae8d6 07/13/2011 10:16 pm Adam Menz

progress on adding nodes to load balancer

6ecf99bb 07/12/2011 04:33 pm Adam Menz

added algorithms to loadbalancers (manager and parser and class)

aeff0a62 07/12/2011 12:23 am Adam Menz

created protocol class, manager, and xml parser and work on the create
loadbalancer page

d8be1aef 07/11/2011 09:40 pm Adam Menz

LoadBalancers now using CustomHttpClient and listLB now getting from ORD and DFW

23bc5e75 07/09/2011 02:21 am Phillip Toohill

layouts, drawables, activities for loadbalancers

fe23daac 07/09/2011 02:20 am Phillip Toohill

initial loadbalancer support (bulk)

e6c34a0f 07/05/2011 07:14 pm Adam Menz

bug fixes

a7d1fdc2 07/01/2011 09:26 pm Adam Menz

folders for cloud files are now working as well as their function,
and persist through configuration changes

51fdecfb 06/29/2011 08:59 pm Adam Menz

Added a confirm resize activity to allow the user to confirm/rollback
their resize. Also the ability to refresh ViewServerActivity

697895bc 06/29/2011 05:55 pm Adam Menz

working on allowing filenames with spaces to be downloaded

006434d8 06/29/2011 04:48 pm Adam Menz

fixed issue #1 on github, also added some support for file names with
non url safe characters (still in progress)

32731215 06/28/2011 07:49 pm Adam Menz

Merge branch 'object_details' into experimental
and some xlarge layouts
and detailed error handling in place

f39579c4 06/24/2011 05:37 pm Adam Menz

fixed bug on viewserveractivity page

9548973b 06/23/2011 11:11 pm Adam Menz

fixed bugs caused from serval requests sent quickly

51938302 06/22/2011 10:24 pm Adam Menz

temporary fix for non modifying tasks

cc71758a 06/22/2011 12:51 am Adam Menz

using droidfu for asynctask in order to resovle orentation issue

2c815395 06/15/2011 07:56 pm Adam Menz

small bug fixes

d3ea294b 06/14/2011 07:50 pm Adam Menz

supports adding folders and fixed bugs with deleting files/folders

37a14877 06/13/2011 10:22 pm Adam Menz

Added support for folders in Cloud files

c16dc9e7 06/10/2011 09:21 pm Adam Menz

added folder support cloud file
it now appears as a directory and you can move
in and out of folders

d88d3ae1 06/09/2011 09:44 pm Adam Menz

Created popups that display when a user performs a task to
inform then that it started. Also fixed bugs.

37b4d44e 06/08/2011 11:29 pm Adam Menz

working with ukaccounts, mutiple accounts, and all server tasks

ac513060 06/08/2011 10:10 pm Adam Menz

Merge branch 'mutipleAccounts' into HEAD


e1599cad 06/08/2011 09:42 pm Adam Menz

Merge branch 'reBuild_reNameBranch' into HEAD which also has uk


730daee8 06/08/2011 01:02 am Adam Menz

mutiple accounts are working, but a delete still needs to be implemented

83774e79 06/07/2011 12:25 am Adam Menz

mutiple accounts are working, storage of them is not(to be implemented)

f3a0f609 06/06/2011 05:50 pm Adam Menz

partial progress for multiple accounts

a597c658 06/03/2011 07:35 pm Adam Menz

added support for using uk accounts on <2.2

f58bf9f4 06/03/2011 05:17 pm Adam Menz

addded new features to viewserveractivity

b347d5e3 01/28/2011 10:04 am Chmouel Boudjnah

Use our own customed DefaultHttpClient for CF

With android version older than 2.3.1 the default keystore doesn't have
information about the domain SSL setup on CloudFiles UK.

We use our own customed DefaultHttpClient which use the android 2.3.1
bks instead of the global keystore available on the system....

d1b6f270 01/21/2011 02:11 pm Chmouel Boudjnah

Don't use System.out.print but Log.d

Seems to make things a litle bit faster for me when listing a huge
containers and that's a bit more standard as well (even if we should
prob get rid of that tho).

71696fcf 01/21/2011 01:49 pm Chmouel Boudjnah

Use a long insted of int for a container.

Container size can be bigger than a max of 32 bits, using a long

2aaecc36 01/18/2011 01:19 pm Chmouel Boudjnah

Add a preference window to switch between geo auth

Add UK and US auth which by default goes to US. Will add OpenStack
custom auth next.

4daf0073 07/03/2010 10:03 pm Phillip Toohill

Cloud Files Support

240418be 07/03/2010 07:49 pm Phillip Toohill

Cloud Files Support

6864568a 06/24/2010 07:51 am Phillip Toohill

Cloud Files Support

28dc0ca1 06/24/2010 06:11 am Phillip Toohill

Cloud Files Support

fb3e5d24 06/18/2010 12:28 am Phillip Toohill

Cloud Files Support

3d6041e8 06/18/2010 12:14 am Phillip Toohill

Cloud Files Support

f8be9cce 06/18/2010 12:09 am Phillip Toohill

test commit

995e075e 05/04/2010 01:03 am Michael Mayo

version 1.0

221f7770 05/03/2010 11:27 pm Michael Mayo

cleanup and fix crash

610ee726 05/03/2010 10:15 pm Michael Mayo

remove unneeded class

e7274b25 05/03/2010 10:14 pm Michael Mayo

remove TODOs and generated blocks

88452393 05/03/2010 10:00 pm Michael Mayo

ubuntu 10 image

3e6fd0e9 05/03/2010 09:57 pm Michael Mayo

remove all warnings

849e1b61 04/30/2010 02:19 am Michael Mayo

resize server

af63e739 04/30/2010 12:46 am Michael Mayo

reboot and delete server

2538f98e 04/27/2010 10:29 pm Michael Mayo

large logos in server view