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32017ec6 03/07/2012 07:39 pm Miltiadis Vasilakis

Fix bug in versions parsing.

2f816d2a 03/01/2012 12:55 pm Miltiadis Vasilakis

Update metadata parsing.

097cb831 02/29/2012 09:23 pm Miltiadis Vasilakis

Minor fix.

308855b4 02/01/2012 05:15 pm Miltiadis Vasilakis

Use ignore_content_type parameter for COPY/MOVE requests with no content type.

2fb7b1fc 01/27/2012 05:21 pm Miltiadis Vasilakis

Refactor and add support for new features

  • Refactor to move away from singleton pattern, in order to support clients that deal simultaneously with multiple accounts.
  • Add support for formatted response when conflict in object hashmap POST.
30650f5a 01/11/2012 12:22 am Miltiadis Vasilakis

Add support for X-Object-UUID header.

40db2cf7 12/29/2011 04:11 pm Miltiadis Vasilakis

Add support for X-Object-Hash header.

6d3af6ef 12/02/2011 04:24 pm Miltiadis Vasilakis

Support for new metadata/policy xml format.
Metadata keys can be any non-empty string.
Fixed urlencoding/decoding to take into account special url characters.
For object names in object requests, '/' are not encoded.
Content-Encoding and Content-Disposition are added to urlencoded/decoded headers.

6b3a5e6a 12/01/2011 03:36 pm Miltiadis Vasilakis

Headers that may contain utf-8 characters, are urlencoded when sent and urldecoded when received.

25cafffe 11/18/2011 10:16 am Miltiadis Vasilakis

Memory leak plugged.

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