From 01/31/2012 to 02/29/2012


11:47 pm Revision 580d6623: Make properties resizable. Fix about window.
Antony Chazapis
10:53 pm Revision 50ab2b96: Merge branch 'master' of
Antony Chazapis
09:53 pm Revision 88e7cf9b: Merge branch 'multiple-accounts'
Miltiadis Vasilakis
09:51 pm Revision d8426ffb: Support multiple accounts. Bug fixes. Improve concurrency.
Miltiadis Vasilakis


05:33 pm Feature #2085 (Closed): About dialog
Use a standard about dialog for the about menu item, with a button/link to go to the Pithos site. Bump version to 0.7... Antony Chazapis


03:07 pm Feature #2008 (Closed): Show object versions
Provide access to an object's older versions,
either through the browser, or its info window.
Miltiadis Vasilakis
03:02 pm Feature #2007 (Closed): Selective sync
Provide selective sync for an account's containers and their first level folders.
* The user may select for an accou...
Miltiadis Vasilakis


06:12 pm Feature #2000 (Closed): Support multiple accounts
Support multiple accounts for browsing and syncing.
* Only one account will be shown in the browser.
Miltiadis Vasilakis
04:13 pm Revision 5e5eeeaa: Use file size and modification date to omit hash computation for unmodified fi...
Miltiadis Vasilakis


05:48 pm Revision f804b9bc: Use latest ASIPithos lib.
Miltiadis Vasilakis
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