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d8426ffb 02/29/2012 09:51 pm Miltiadis Vasilakis

Support multiple accounts. Bug fixes. Improve concurrency.

5e5eeeaa 02/06/2012 04:13 pm Miltiadis Vasilakis

Use file size and modification date to omit hash computation for unmodified files during sync. Show version in menu.

cd5db3ce 12/06/2011 03:34 pm Miltiadis Vasilakis

UI changes.

7325abf2 10/25/2011 04:41 pm Miltiadis Vasilakis

Sync folder can be selected in the preferences.
Improvements in handling of user properties.

2943d6d4 10/25/2011 01:24 pm Miltiadis Vasilakis

The account use is shown.
The browser is force refreshed every 30 seconds.

3812626f 10/21/2011 08:56 pm Miltiadis Vasilakis

Sync is saving the last completed date.
Remote objects that are deleted in sync are moved to trash instead.
Dates shown in descriptive format.

0224a49f 10/20/2011 11:26 am Miltiadis Vasilakis

Initial implementation of the syncing algorithm.
Other fixes and changes.

470e6f81 10/07/2011 02:26 am Miltiadis Vasilakis

Implemented group preferences.
Initial implementation of download/upload activity progress and messages.

589a14ca 08/14/2011 08:20 pm Miltiadis Vasilakis

Created status bar icon with menu.
Initial implementation of preferences window.
Moved authentication to app delegate and preferences.

d8d08dc1 08/03/2011 11:05 am Miltiadis Vasilakis

Initial commit of pithos-macos.