From 02/05/2013 to 03/06/2013


08:20 pm PithosPlus_Setupv0.8.30306.154.exe
Giorgos Pantazis
06:27 pm Revision 7964bdc9: Fixed Auth URL (we let pithos redirect us to astakos)
Invalidate cookies by expiring the cookie on each Auth (set date to Expires=Thu, 01-Jan-1970 00:00:01 GMT;)
George Pantazis
05:26 pm Revision eb7b463e: Merge branch 'Polling' of into Polling
Panagiotis Kanavos
05:09 pm Revision 2f5fcd2f: Extracted a method that calculates the login url to PithosAccount
Panagiotis Kanavos
04:58 pm Revision a06d7037: Changes to Login URI
Signed-off-by: George Pantazis <> George Pantazis


11:44 pm Revision 38eb0f9e: Replace menu name with displayname
Panagiotis Kanavos
11:21 pm Revision b8946a24: Now stopping the old monitor, starting a new monitor for the uuid
Panagiotis Kanavos
11:15 pm Revision c3a4add4: Added Displayname change
Panagiotis Kanavos
11:08 pm Revision c87a1e4f: Change to detect non guid names
Panagiotis Kanavos
10:29 pm Revision c010b69c: Added in the list of servers. The user_catalog url is now de...
Panagiotis Kanavos


08:03 pm Revision 854c715a: Now working with new authentication
Panagiotis Kanavos


01:23 pm Revision ecb81749: Merge branch 'Polling' of into Polling
George Pantazis
01:22 pm Revision 7d43a552: Merge branch 'Polling' of into Polling
George Pantazis
10:15 am Revision 2fdad0b8: Removed dead code
Panagiotis Kanavos


07:59 pm Revision 4c6898fb: Some buffers replaced with buffermanager
Panagiotis Kanavos
07:57 pm Revision 88e2300a: UUID Changes
Signed-off-by: George Pantazis <> George Pantazis


07:47 pm Revision f3b6a335: Added progress bar update
Panagiotis Kanavos


04:33 pm Revision 1b3ee255: Fixes to View Model to support pitho+ server 0.12.5 and 0.13 at the same time
Fixes to the Sharing procedure for the change from email to uuid for account names
Fixed About View issues
Updated th...
George Pantazis
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