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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2275 BugClosedLowUsage context menu show 1 entry for multiple accounts.Panagiotis Kanavos04/09/2012 06:17 pm
2253 BugClosedMediumUpload status notifications should be similar to the download notificationsPanagiotis Kanavos04/03/2012 11:44 pm
2251 FeatureClosedLowShow a progress bar in the status windowPanagiotis Kanavos03/15/2013 11:02 am
2239 BugClosedMediumNew accounts may appear twice in the Account Folders menuPanagiotis Kanavos04/26/2012 09:53 pm
2219 BugClosedMediumShow notification when the user clicks "Check for upgrades"Panagiotis Kanavos03/21/2012 11:57 am
2207 FeatureClosedMediumChange production server url to pithos.okeanosPanagiotis Kanavos03/15/2012 07:42 pm
2206 FeatureClosedMediumChange "Pithos" to "Pithos+" in all UI visualsPanagiotis Kanavos03/15/2012 07:42 pm
2201 BugClosedMediumDisable menu items if no account is addedPanagiotis Kanavos03/21/2012 11:57 am
2200 BugClosedMediumAdding an account and pressing Apply and OK results in the creation of two entriesPanagiotis Kanavos03/13/2012 02:40 pm
2153 BugClosedMediumWhen adding a new account, PithosMonitor.StartMonitor fails to start monitoringPanagiotis Kanavos04/26/2012 09:58 pm
2152 BugClosedMediumInvalid messages appear when there are no accounts createdPanagiotis Kanavos03/15/2012 08:00 pm
2147 BugClosedMediumDisplay the root path as tooltipPanagiotis Kanavos03/15/2012 06:07 pm
2145 FeatureClosedMediumCreate lighter message balloonPanagiotis Kanavos03/15/2012 07:52 pm
2144 FeatureClosedMediumAdd currently syncing file and progress to tooltipPanagiotis Kanavos03/15/2012 06:07 pm
2131 BugClosedMediumDeleting an account may result in a NullReferenceExceptionPanagiotis Kanavos03/02/2012 01:20 am
2127 BugClosedMediumRecently Changed Files displays duplicate entriesPanagiotis Kanavos03/15/2012 06:07 pm
2122 BugClosedHighAccount deletion does not workPanagiotis Kanavos03/02/2012 01:20 am
2121 BugClosedHighPasting new token does not make account activePanagiotis Kanavos03/15/2012 06:07 pm
2099 FeatureClosedMediumDisplay warning icon next to accounts with expired tokensPanagiotis Kanavos02/28/2012 06:10 pm
2095 FeatureClosedMediumAdd button to manually refresh an account's tokenPanagiotis Kanavos02/28/2012 02:00 pm
2082 BugClosedMediumPopup message does not scale02/28/2012 02:00 pm
2081 BugClosedMediumRemove "Restarting interrupted files" because it is confusingPanagiotis Kanavos02/28/2012 02:00 pm
2056 BugClosedMediumAll files up to date message does not go away and sticks on upper left corner.03/15/2012 07:52 pm
2055 BugClosedMediumDisabling Start on System Startup does not workPanagiotis Kanavos02/28/2012 06:13 pm
2011 BugClosedMediumException thrown when Astakos doesn't return an expected answerPanagiotis Kanavos03/15/2012 06:03 pm

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